Love Hurts #29


everyone want go heaven but no body want dead
Poor girl, I can't imagine what her last moments were like :(
The stabbing part was probably terrifying but I tend to imagine the last moments before death being peaceful accepting your fate. That's probably not always true though.

That's what I like most about this site though, it gives you a good opportunity to contemplate your own mortality and come to peace with the fact that it's inevitable. No matter how you go it won't last forever. There is a beginning to everything and an end.


In the Prep Room
Ah gawd, poor wee dog! What a terrible thing for it to have witnessed. The pic of him looking at his 'mum' there, with such doggie love just broke my heart. Thank god the SOB didn't hurt the wee bear.
Domestic quarrel ends pretty badly in an apartment in Araucaria, a municipality situated in the Brazilian state of Parana.

After a failed attempt at reconciling with his wife, followed by a violent argument, the man decided he wouldn't let her leave. After stabbing his wife to death he slits his own wrists.

Gleberson Campanha Fortuna 26-year-old and Patricia Kellin Fedrigo aged 24. Patricia was found with multiple stab wounds (15 at least) and part of her abdomen was opened with her intestines out on the floor. This happened on January 19, 2011

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Wow....poor doggie.


Fresh Meat
and part of her abdomen was opened with her intestines out on the floor.

Going by the guilty look on that dog, I think we found how her intestines got moved out of her belly (little fluffy doggie with blood all over his face, I'm lookin' at you).

Redd peters

I feel so terrible for that cute little dog. The dog walking around was like a blood soaked mop.
so many people feeling for the poor doggy lol damn right loyal little guy. but wow that room is need of a serious clean, lucky for lino it shouldn't take much. if i had a favorite surface for people to bleed out on I'm pretty sure this would be it... so shiny and the blood just sorta pools, really stands out