Love Hurts #29


Dead Inside
RED. what overkill. at least the dog lived. i have no words except that its probably a good thing they are both dead.:skull::skull:


a true blood bath. I love it.
Fuck yeah, same m8. What a passionate bloodbath that must have gone on, the struggle, the blood, the pain, the fear.
Holy shit. I'm wet just thinking about it.


On another note, what the fuck is with all the people reacting to some fucking dog? It's just a souless lump of flesh, who fucking cares?
Most of you mentioning compassion for the dog and not the actual victim, good lord, ya'll are devoid as me for human compassion.



I haven't seen that much blood in awhile. He must of cut his wrist good usually that ends in a failed suicide. Sad though, she was a cute girl & you can tell she lived that dog & the dog loves her. Poor dog is traumatised


its not my fault we use salt
fucking bastard i would eat his fucking dead flesh.. and the poor doggo, how cutey he was, lost his only family, the girl. i hope he had beautiful times