Luzsec is now lolwut


These are great days we're living, bros
I wonder how many anons are cleaning shit out of their underwear right now?
...many hackers were stunned when they learned that Sabu had been arrested, given his technological skills and role as Lulz' de facto chief of security. But details from court filings revealed something far more spectacular - he had been cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation since June 7.

"Anyone who trusted Sabu is going to be in a panic right now," said Jennifer Emick, a former Anonymous activist who began working against it when it started attacking the US government. "Hard drives are being deleted."

Jake Davis, accused of being "Topiary", the most public face of Lulz, had been seized in late July, one of several arrests in Britain that followed Sabu's first encounter with the police.

Online chat rooms favoured by Anonymous filled on Tuesday with bile and worry about who would be next. One member warned that Monsegur had better have good FBI bodyguards.

"There's some paranoia. There's a lot of hate being spewed," said Gregg Housh, a leader of Anonymous in its less criminal days and a regular correspondent of Sabu's.