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Fresh Meat
looks like one of those "DEEP WEB" videos you see on youtube to scare little kids. I don't know if that's what your going for. made me laugh


thanks man
I've studied as a video edditor a couple.of years, what I would do to this video is a longer wait before the doll gets shot.. it leaves a few more seconds to the imagination of the viewer before actually seeing the doll get shot.

Also at some points I personally think the music is to.. how do you say it.. bland? Boring? To "clean"?

I would use a distorted weird grungy sound for a shock effect.

Last thing what I wouod change was the first "old film effect". It looks a bit standard to me but that could be because I know it's a added standard effect and not self made.. but that's just anpoint from my eye of view, knowing a bit aboit video edditting.

All with all I like it!

You ask for tips, this is what I got for you. :)

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