Man arrested for pointing laser at LAPD helicopter


What kind of laser did he have?.. I just don't understand this story.

The grandson of iconic actor Clark Gable was arrested Thursday night for allegedly pointing a laser at a police helicopter in Hollywood.

Clark Gable III, 22, was arrested at 10:15 p.m. at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

He was driving through Hollywood when police said he pointed the laser at an LAPD helicopter.
He was charged with a felony count of discharging a laser, and remains in jail on $60,000 bail.
In 2009, Gable was stabbed in the chest at a party in Calabasas.

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well, i hear that the japanese now have a pocket laser that will instantly vaporise water ... but this is more likely one of those lights that can temporarily blind.


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
Gable was apparently driving around in Hollywood with friends Thursday night when he claims he tried to point a laser at the Hollywood sign but missed
Prolly one of those laser light thingies that they use for clubs. You wouldn't see a pocket laser on one of those signs.
Nvm, it was a regular is a video for it:


These are great days we're living, bros
What kind of laser did he have?.. I just don't understand this story.

those 5mw green lasers are illegal here so they must have a little power in them. Personally I wouldn't shine one in my eye from any distance.

A Brisbane man has been charged after allegedly shining a laser beam at a helicopter.
Police allege the 35-year-old man from New Farm shone the light at the Channel Nine helicopter when it was flying over the Story Bridge in the city last night.
Pilot Bob Ward says the green laser temporarily blinded him and says it is lucky he was able control the helicopter.
"It's like staring into the headlights of car... for a few minutes you lose your vision reference," he said.
"So I had to turn away form the light source and regain my visual reference over the city.
"This is the danger with these light devices shone at aircraft... it can cause the pilot to lose his visual reference which could cause possible loss of control of the aircraft."
The 35-year-old is due in court early next month.
no, it was a weapons grade military laser (he's the grandson of Clark Gable FFS!) it was capable of burning a hole through the fuckin sun!!....why do you think he was stabbed in the chest a few years ago mate told me and he knows everythink!!!

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I want one of those lasers. But who the hell is stupid enough to aim it at a cop copter? I guess the apples don't fall from the tree.

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I have a few friends that are pilots & this is a very serious fear. A laser width is small at its origin but the farther the laser beam travels the wider at the point of the beam gets.