Man attacks child over Call of Duty

pathetic . . . . . . .

During a particularly heated round of Call of Duty online, 46-year old Plymouth, England resident Mark Bradford snapped. After facing repeated taunts, name calling and defeat at the hands of a 13-year old, Bradford decided changing classes in the game or altering his tactics just wasn’t going to be enough. So without a word, Bradford silently rose, made his way to the house where the boy was playing, and proceeded to choke him.

The boy’s 33-year old mother was there, and managed to pull Bradford off, leaving the boy with a few scratches and a red neck, but otherwise unharmed. Bradford then silently left and returned home, where he was soon arrested.

“It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenseless child like this,” she the boy’s mother said.

The attack came after the two had been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. After killing him in the game, the boy then proceeded to call the 46-year old names which caused the man to “just lose it.” The two were acquainted through the boy’s parents, and Bradford knew that he was playing at a nearby friend’s house.