Man charged with raping sisters, ages 4 and 6 (1 Viewer)


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A Wilmington, Delaware man is charged in the rape of two young girls, and police say the attacks happened while the man was living with the victims and their mother.

31-year-old Christopher Williams was arrested Monday at his residence on the 300 block of E 5th Street in Wilmington.
The arrest comes at the conclusion of a forensics investigation that began earlier this month, which indicated that the victims, ages 4 and 6, were assaulted by Williams over a period of time.


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Serial Killer has been made.....
Omg omg omg.....I hate hearing these stories and its almost epidemic. ....and bail set that fucking low???? Im thinking the judge wants him out and let society take care of him......kill his waste of human life after u cut his dick off and make him eat it.....:rage:


There is a guy in West Monroe, LA named Tim Calhoun, that tried to murder his mom with a box cutter, and then raped his own children and his nieces. No one in the news media cares.

He had a history of this, as far back as 1993! This dirty pig was around my children!
some of these so called mothers are as criminal as the men they invite into home and bed...drug dealer, pimp and all around fucked folks sweet talk these unemployed young girls living off the welfare system so they can get a free ride in her already paid for by your taxes "crib".
many of these "mothers" know the guys arent wholesome characters. they even let them keep staying there after he decks the mom in the face
i think these abuses happen way more than is reported. and they ARE WITNESSED by those very pathetic girls who have kids to just get monthly checks and free apartments from the welfare office. really dont hurt this child by bringing t into the world to sahre in your ugly definiton of what is "family values" all you value is your crotch and addiction

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