man drowns in 1.5 million litres of shit, piss & vomit


These are great days we're living, bros
THE body of a worker who went missing while carrying out work at Melbourne's main sewage treatment plant has been found.

However, police say it will take some time to recover the body.

The man, 52, went missing while carrying out routine sampling work at Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant, in the southern suburb of Bangholme, near Dandenong, just after 7am (AEDT) today.

Rescuers spent more than eight hours scouring the massive network of pipes, tanks and drains to find the Endeavour Hills man.
Police, the Country Fire Authority, Melbourne Water and other emergency agencies were involved in the effort.

Police will now prepare a report for the coroner. WorkSafe attended the scene and will investigate the incident.

The worker had been carrying out routine sampling work and failed to return to the on-site laboratory at 8.45am (AEDT).

No one actually saw the man fall into a tank, but his car remained at the plant, as did his keys, and some of his work equipment was found near a 1.5-million-litre sewage tank.
"The likelihood for someone surviving for that time, in those conditions, is most unlikely," Sergeant Simon Brand told Network Ten.

Melbourne Water pumped sludge out of the pit and specialist divers were brought in to sift through the muck.

The plant treats 40 per cent of Melbourne's sewage, or about 312 million litres a day.


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