Man Fused to Chair

A morbidly obese Ohio man was in the hospital Tuesday after police found him fused to a chair he had not moved from in two years and were forced to cut a hole in the wall of his house just to get him out, WTRF-TV reported.
The unnamed man lived with two able-bodied roommates -- including his girlfriend, who officials said fed him since he never got up -- in a home in Bellaire, Ohio. The roommates called police upon finding the man unresponsive on Sunday.
Officers who responded to the scene said that the man's skin was fused to the fabric of chair and that he was sitting in his own feces and urine with maggots visible.
One officer said it was the worst thing he had ever responded to. Another told the local TV station he had to throw away his uniform after helping remove the man from the chair.
"The living room where the man lived in his chair was very filthy, very deplorable. It's unbelievable that somebody lives in conditions like that," Jim Chase, a local city code enforcer, told WTRF.
"I instructed the landlord this [Monday] morning and the two people, the tenants at the house, they had to get it cleaned, there's no way they can live in something like that, and so they are working on it," he added.
The landlord told WTRF that the man used to be an active person and said she had no idea how bad his condition was since he covered himself with a blanket every time she came to visit.
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totally shitposter, with Dunning–Kruger effect
what the fuck..some fucked up people .. disgusting
the landlord speaks:

BELLAIRE, Ohio -- Capable, in charge of caring for himself, nice and headstrong: That's how a landlord described her tenant who was cut out of his home then later died.

Lou Ann Bennett said she knew the man for year and said rumors have gotten way out of hand. Bennett said what upsets her most is that the man died alone and the way he is being remembered.

Bennett said he was a nice man who stayed in the house. Even when she saw him, which was rarely, he was covered with a blanket.

Photos from inside the home show garbage and pizza boxes piled up. Some of the mess is from the wall being cut out to rescue the man, who was sitting in an arm chair.

"The last time I was down there, the house wasn't clean, but it wasn't like it was on the news," Bennett said. "It stunk. I'll give you that. It stunk to high heaven. But let's not keep blowing this out of proportion."

Bennett said her husband is the one who cut the wall out to help rescue the man, who she said was 348 pounds. She said the man lived with his girlfriend and another man, but he ran the house.

"He was the one who was in charge. He chose to live like that. And it wasn't because anybody put him in that chair and he didn't live in that chair for two years," Bennett said.

She said she never knew the man to have a job but said his lifestyle wasn't always what it was over the past few weeks.

"He used to cut grass. He used to work on cars. He used to (go) fishing. But when his knees started hurting him so bad, that's when he got in the chair and refused to move around a lot," Bennett said.

Recently, she said, he refused to let his girlfriend clean him up and his condition deteriorated. When she was notified of the situation, she gave them a week to clean the home up and said people have since done so.

"That poor guy needs to be left alone. The family needs to be left alone and he needs to be let rest in peace," Bennett said.


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I want to see his g/f too....I can't believe she would stay with him after 3 months of him not moving....let alone 2 years.
I bet his g/f and the other roommate were fucking....


Légion Blanche
Hopefully he dies. The world would be a better place without him.
Looks like we got our wish. :lulz:
yeah! nothing hotter than the smell of shit in the morning :thrust:
You forgot the piss puddles and a maggots!

I want to see his g/f too....I can't believe she would stay with him after 3 months of him not moving....let alone 2 years.
I bet his g/f and the other roommate were fucking....
Perhaps he just had fucking massive fingers, or he was a god at fisting?