Man Laughs After Calling A Father That His Son Just Got Killed

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Pictured: Yob laughing after making hoax call to father saying his only child had 'just been killed'

Rocking backwards in a fit of laughter, this is hoax caller Aaron Davie seconds after he telephoned an unsuspecting father to tell him his only child had 'just been killed'.
Davie, a trainee accountant, made the call moments after the teenager had approached him on a train station platform and asked to borrow the older man's mobile phone.
The 15-year-old had called his father to ask for a lift home before wandering away, leaving Davie, who had been drinking and was caught on the station CCTV camera with a beer can in hand, who then pressed redial and called the dad back.
fucking wanker. I hope he gets the £5000 fine on his trainee salary AND gets his arse kicked each time he leaves his door.


This Is My Fucked Up Life, Dont Try This At Home!
i seen samekind laughing shit before...its somekind of hysteric shit symptom that cause cry transforms to laugh... weird or what...lolz :D