Manhunt 1 & 2


Short Bussed
^ Couldn't have posted a cooler thread for roughly ur 666th post. Congrats. :tu:

These look like just my kinda thing. Any1 got working torrent link to these?

I'll give a Chocolate Fish to whoever comes thru for me :)


Funny because the second MH caused so much butthurt IRL it got B&hammered in many countries including the "non-nazi" Germany and the "liberal" Australia. Hell, it even made it to the infamous Adults Only list of the ESRB, sharing its place with unknown porn games nobody gives a shit about. It's the second AAA game to ever get there so far, which is quite an achievement.

Both of them should be revered as classics and as what they are, displays of attitude.

PS: some say 3guys1hammer is a russian interpretation of this game, which isn't too far fetched.


Hitman could kick this MH ass anytime.
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