Marco Bergamo


Marco Bergamo

A.K.A.: "The Monster of Bolzano"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Hatred to women - Fetishist
Number of victims: 5
Date of murders: 1985 - 1992
Date of birth: August 6, 1966
Victims profile: Marcella Casagrande, 15 / Annamaria Cipolletti, 40 / Renate Rauch, 24 / Renate Troger, 18 / Marika Zorzi, 18
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in 1994Marco Bergamo (known as the "Monster of Bolzano") welder, between 1985 and il'92 kills in Trentino, accoltellandole, a student of 15 years and 4 prostitutes. It 'sentenced to' life imprisonment.

Marco Bergamo

Sara Di Marzio -

Nickname: The Monster of Bolzano
Place murders: Italy
Period murders: 1985 - 1992
Number of victims: 5
Modus operandi: struck its victims with several stab wounds.
Capture and Provvidementi: life imprisonment

Marco was born in Bergamo Bolzano in 1966 and has a difficult childhood and lonely.

Affected by delays in language already in just 4 years, then obesity and boriasi help to unleash his closing to the world: introvert with few friends, cultivating hobbies such as photography, motoring and long walks in the mountains .

As a boy collects knives, so always bring one with you. '

Of average intelligence, he obtained a diploma and performs manual labor. No criminal record for him, sleepwalking and sex maniac, it has some minor sexual perversion: he steals women's undergarments.

In May 1992, just 26 years, comes a testicle removed.

Bergamo apparently looks like a young man like a lot, but you will soon reveal a serial killer ruthless and methodical.

It 'January 3, 1985, the first casualty is Marcella Casagrande, 15, is found poured on the floor of the house. The dynamics of the crime reveals that the person who had made ​​good familiarity with a knife and a good knowledge of human anatomy.

The young woman is surprised from behind, are numerous stab wounds inflicted are barefoot shots fast as bullets, one reaches the spine affecting the tenth vertebra, then the young person is held by the hair so that the neck remains stationary while the murderess proceeds to bleeding with .

Annamaria Cipolletti is the second victim, 40 years. Middle school teacher by day, in the evening Annamaria meets men in charge, and charge very well (between 100 and 150 thousand pounds in performance). Is found scannata from 19 stab wounds, the murderess stole undergarments, but there is sexual violence. A note of the woman says, "Marco went away."

The third victim is Renate Rauch, 24 year old prostitute. The young woman is found dead in a car park almost deserted. A few days later, the tomb of Renate will be found a bunch of flowers with a note: "I'm sorry but what I did, had to be done and you knew: Renate hello! Signed MM."

The investigators speculate that the double "M" is a bold repetition of the name Marco.

On 21 March 1992, the fourth victim is found, Renate Troger, prostitute of 18 years.

The young woman is found dead in a yard: Death by strangulation and then slaughtered on his body are inflicted 14 stab wounds.

The fifth and final victim of Marco Bergamo Marika Zorzi, also a prostitute eighteen, downloaded dying on the side of the road after being hit by 28 stab wounds: is August 6, 1992, birthday of Bergamo, the killer wanted to celebrate in a way her.

Marco Bergamo was arrested shortly after his last crime, and in the process reveals his true personality. Bergamo is a man afraid of women.

A prostitute in the process said: "I just undressed, she asked me to sell underwear, but I could not go home naked."

Bergamo admits only three of the five murders and says, "Marika Zorzi, since I had only one testicle, did not want to continue, I asked her to give me the money but she started to scream, I gave her two slaps, he attacked me saying to be a son of a bitch, that's all I remember. " He continues: "With Renate Rauch went there just to get out of the monotony, instead of Marcella Casagrande only remember that I had the tips of his fingers stained with blood, I got up and went out."

Bergamo had no female friends, the only love affair, took place between 1990 and 1991, had lasted seven months without sex, "she did not ever touched in private parts and I was afraid of a refusal." Hates Bergamo women, of them says: "The woman is just being a vile, selfish, a person who uses the man as the man smokes a cigarette", in short Bergamo decided to punish her ​​way women, especially prostitutes , women more accessible.

After a thorough psychiatric examination, Bergamo is recognized, albeit with a strongly disturbed mind, capable of consent at the time of the murders. The process is broadcast on Rai 3 and the father of Bergamo, in shame, hangs himself.

In the process shows that for killed Bergamo is the greatest perversion, which occurs in him, especially at night, in dreams. Within his confession lets go to some of the statements in this sense, as "Tonight for example, I had to put a bomb in your mouth to kill, 2 chargers not enough" and "In dreams, when I hit women, the do to the heart and head are killing better, hinge more vital organs. "

Marco Bergamo was sentenced to life imprisonment, although in 2005 he obtained a permit prize, news that shocked the entire country.

Marco Bergamo - The Monster of Bolzano

MILAN - "In dreams, when I hit women, I do the heart and the head will kill better, hinge more vital organs." Until they fell into a trap, suspected and accused of having killed five, the welder and carpenter Marco Bergamo, born in 1966 of 6 August, a native of Bolzano, a young man seemed like a thousand others.

When the pathologist Joseph Barbary touched reconstruct the murder of Marcella Casagrande (15 years, found poured on the floor of the hallway of the house Jan. 3, 1985), did not fail the first touch of realistic and tragic drama: "The dynamic is that of a person who knows the use of the knife and the human anatomy ... The first shot was vibrated in thoracic-lumbar region left ... Well, coming behind the victim, the hook, do the shot in such a way that, penetrating inside, goes back slightly from left to right. The subsequent shots were launched at high speed, as proiettili.Uno has reached the spine etching and dissecting a vertebra, the tenth. Then the victim has fallen, has been grabbed by the hair so as to immobilize the neck and operate bleeding with ".

But if Casagrande was a good student and shy in the first year of the Master, the other four had, in some respects, a life a little bit special. Here Annamaria Cipolletti, 41 years, day school teacher, who was killed Feb. 26, 1985 in the studio that night until used for its meetings (between 100 and 150 thousand benefit). On the body, 19 injuries. Had neither bra, no panties, but there was not even a trace of sexual intercourse. In the ashtray, several cigarette butts, used condoms and some one not yet used. A note on the agenda said: "Marco went away."

Here Renate Rauch, 24 years, more than a bustle on the sidewalk ended January 7, 1992 in a pool of blood in the absurdity of a nearly empty parking lot. On his tomb, in a bunch of carnations wrapped in cellophane, a police officer found a note: "I'm sorry but what I did had to be done and you know, hello Renate. MM". Twice Marco? A repetition bold to mark the name?

And here Renate Troger, a blonde of 18 years: 21 March 1992 the executioner he abandoned in a yard. "I think the main death by strangulation-said Dr. John Bonan University of Padova.-Then there was bleeding with, were finally inflicted 14 hits. Some of them have reached the lungs." In short, hail of blows to death already occurred, true delight for the soul of a sadist.

Finally, here Marika Zorzi, 18, ​​downloaded dying by the roadside, with 28 stab wounds on him. It was August 6, 1992. "What He performed there 26 years. E 'come armed. And he wanted to be a birthday present: my child," cried the mother in the process Bertilla. Were rebuilt five crimes, spoke to the experts, dialogarono lawyers filed the lyrics. It jumped out of the personality of Marco Bergamo.

He told a prostitute: "I just undressed. At rest, he said, he thought about him. Asked me to sell underwear, but could not, otherwise I would have gone home naked." The father said: "The passion for knives had started towards the thirteen years, then was developed and exaggerated. He kept them hidden in a drawer. Never imagined that more work from them what he did." Marco Bergamo is declared alien crimes Cipolletti and Troger and "confessed" to the other three. Marika Zorzi? "Because I had only one testicle, he said he no longer wanted to continue. I asked her to give me the money, but she started to scream. I tried to calm her down, giving her a couple of slaps, but did not succeed. He attacked yelling motherfucker. E 'my last memory. " Renate Rauch? "I was just there for a ride to get out of the monotony." Marcella Casagrande? "I just remember that I had the tips of fingers stained with blood. I got up and went out."

The knife gave him a sense of security, like a second brother. Love relationships? "Just one. Between '90 and '91, and lasted seven months without sex, except for kissing and touching.'re Not one has ever touched in private parts and I do not even, because I was afraid of his refusal and respect for . Following distrust, went to refuse ... The story with that girl was the confirmation of my hypothesis: the woman is just being a vile, selfish, a person who uses the man as the man smokes cigarettes. He uses it and then, when it is consumed, you throw it away. "

No female friendship. No real girlfriend. Nothing at all. "The pornographic magazines, the masturbation and undergarments have become the substitute for the relationship with the opposite sex, but my nightmare was over the woman's vagina. She always made ​​me fear: fear of not being all ' height. This fear turned into hatred when I thought that a woman he had poisoned the dog ... He was my companion of solitude, the friend I never had. The dog's death upset me. So I started to hate all women. " He felt "rifutare from classmates already in elementary school. Was also the inexperience in communicating: scared me, they seemed more spigliate, while I felt awkward ...". From great it was put out to punish prostitutes especially because women were more accessible?

Professors Bridges, and Bruno Fornari wrote in their report: "Italy is now in extreme perversion: murder for enjoyment. Following the first murder found that killing gratified her pleasure and at the same time destroying the object feared and hated: the woman. " Professor Introna declared himself convinced that, despite continued denials, had also killed the Cipolletti and Troger: "For the modus operandi and the type of victim. Having killed the first time, he found himself in something that may have was afraid. He is scared of himself. It 's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: he changes, is frightened of being changed, then returns to what it was. "

This change occurred primarily with women who felt "easy"? In fact, they were born from this very modus vivendi his collection of pornographic magazines and exhibitionism masturbation from her window, the obscene phone calls to women unknown or chosen at random, voyeurism adopted against prostitutes? They said even the experts: "To kill Bergamo now represented the extreme sadistic perversion, how to have the strongest woman." And the craving to kill a woman always kept chasing each other even in his dreams: "Tonight, for example, I had to put a bomb in your mouth oer kill her. Two chargers are not enough."

The serial killer Marco Bergamo could go free in 2008

The serial killer Marco Bergamo was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of five women, but in a few months, in the summer of 2008, may ask the court to parole supervision. Guido Rispoli, the prosecutor who nailed him, warns: "It 's still very dangerous."

Maurizia Mazzotta Spitaler, the mother of Marcella Casagrande, calls for Dec. 13 near the Court of Assizes not transiga on the three years of isolation "forgotten" that Italy has yet to serve. But for the serial killer Bolzano opened up the prospect even more striking: the parole as early as next summer.

In Italy, a life sentence is not, in fact, synonymous with life imprisonment. Marco Bergamo is behind bars in the summer of 1992. Thanks refunds provided for in the atonement of a sentence (45 days off every six months) in August of next year Bergamo can claim to have already served 20 years in prison. That 's what the first requirement required by our system because a life sentence can apply for admission to the system of parole, leaving the jail in the morning (if it should prove that they have the opportunity to work a few) to enter it in the evening. The opportunity to return to freedom for a convict, then increase with the passing years.

Article 176 of the Penal Code expressly provides that the life sentence was eligible for conditional release after 26 years (gross) spent in prison. Of course, the return to freedom is not a right but an opportunity to recognize that the code lifers. With a couple of underlying assumptions: that the convicted person has shown repentance and is not socially dangerous. And here's hopes Marco Bergamo to return to civilian life are destined - it is hoped - to shrink to a flicker. It is also convinced the deputy prosecutor Guido Rispoli, author of the investigation that jammed the serial killer Bolzano. "He killed with a knife because he could not have a normal relationship with women - says the judge - the ever killed a dozen stab wounds to her chest. According to the experts it was a way to mimic the sexual act. He was born with this structural deficit and was forced to settle with the knife for his sexual incapacities. In addition to the murdered women and their families, including victims inserirei the same Bergamo, a victim of himself. Just for this is still to be considered very dangerous. "

He admitted during the investigation that its dysfunction?

"No, never. During the interrogation has always tried to justify his crimes with the actions of the victims. Marcella Casagrande was struck because he had rejected an approach, the two prostitutes because they had mocked or scorned. "

It would have been curable?

"I do not know. It was probably hard to see in the time of the malfunction. Bergamo led a normal life, including at work was painstaking and blameless "

For the experts had to be considered sane ...

"There was, in truth, a debate between experts. I remember that at first Professor Introna during the investigation had recognized a state of semi imfermità mind. Then in hearings the Assize Court decided to proceed with a new survey carried out by a panel of high-profile expert who decided that the accused should be considered sane. "

It is dangerous ...

"Of course. It 'a real concern with the prospect that Italy might one day get some measure to put it back on the loose. As long as you have sexual urges the danger to come back to kill remains current and very high. Only if you were certain that no longer feels pulsiosi sex you could change the evaluation of its social danger. Even in this case, however, no one could have the certainty that, as a result of this its personality distorted, not try anyway an inclination to go to stab a woman. Although throughout the court case I was never given the impression of being a sadist. He never retraced the moments of the crimes with pleasure. In fact in the descriptions was elusive ... ".