Mark Steyn: USA's Collapsing White Demographics Are By Government Design



Mark Steyn - Yes he's a raging NEOCON. However, setting aside his warmongering, Israel-Firster foreign policy beliefs, he speaks the truth in this article.

Everyone talks about this demographic transformation as if it's a natural phenomenon, like Hurricane Sandy. Indeed, I notice that many of those exulting in the inevitable eclipse of "white America" are the same people who assure me that demographic arguments about the Islamization of Europe are completely preposterous.

But in neither the United States nor Europe is it a natural phenomenon. Rather, it's the fruit of conscious government policy.

According to the Census, in 1970 the "Non-Hispanic White" population of California was 78%. By the 2010 census, it was 40%. Over the same period, the 10% Hispanic population quadrupled and caught up with whites.

That doesn't sound terribly "natural" does it? If one were informed that, say, the population of Nigeria had gone from 80% black in 1970 to 40% black today, one would suspect something rather odd and unnatural had been going on.

Twenty years ago, Rwanda was about 14% Tutsi. Now it's just under 10%. So it takes a bunch of Hutu butchers getting out their machetes and engaging in seven-figure genocide to lower the Tutsi population by a third.

But, when the white population of California falls by half, that's "natural," just the way it is, one of those things, could happen to anyone.


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