Martin Bryant's police videos: 20th anniversary edition



Chilling video of police interviews with Australia’s worst mass murderer Martin Bryant have been revealed on the Seven Network’s Sunday Night program for the first time – showing the evil killer laughing as detectives question him for hours about his horrific shooting spree.

In tapes that have only ever played in court 20 years ago, Bryant is seen being wheeled into the interview room in a wheelchair — his legs burned from the fire he set after his 35 murders in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

Slouched in his chair, smiling and giggling, Bryant often denies knowledge of the dreadful events at the Broad Arrow Café and elsewhere around Port Arthur.

Bryant claimed he went surfing on April 28, 1996 and knew nothing of "the day everyone's talking about".

Meanwhile, according to ED:

The Port Arthur massacre is Australia's staged, lame-ass version of 9/11, with only 35 people dying, and they actually caught someone doing it. It has, however, produced more conspiracy theories than 9/11, JFK, the Iraq wars and Elvis Presley combined, although none of these have made it to reliable fact center Wikipedia.

About Martin Bryant who ASIO says did PA
  • IQ of 66, putting him at an impressively low 1.17th percentile. While still able to function independently in society, he received the nickname Stupid Marty.
  • Made lewd comments to almost any female. Loved pr0n and was obsessed with bestiality. Frequently hired prostitutes. Creepy.
  • Enjoyed violent films, his favorite being Child's Play II.
  • Inherited approximately $500,000 after the suicide of his father and the death of Helen Harvey, killed in a convenient car accident with Marty in the back seat.
  • Had no significant firearms experience, but owned 200 teddy bears: further proof that furries are gun-toting psychopaths in training.
  • The Port Arthur Massacre sparked gun reform in Australia, though none was really needed. Tasmania in particular, where this massacre occurred, sported a very low murder rate, in which guns involved only a fraction.
  • A New South Wales police report indicates that 29 shots were fired at the Broad Arrow, 19 ending as fatal head shots, 1 other fatal shot, and 12 wounded. In about 90 seconds. Some argue that an inexperienced aspie could not fire with such accuracy, but they are fucking Jew and not to be trusted.
  • Bryant's AR-15 was found with an exploded cartridge in the chamber, exploded with a force not normally seen for a bullet of this calibre. If this had occurred while the weapon was being held, severe injury would have resulted to the operator - amputation, burns, firearms discharge residue or Scientology. At time of arrest, Bryant was burned from the fire at Seascape Cottage, but his hands were uninjured. It's impossible that the cartridge exploded due to the gun being in a house that was on fire because anybody who has played Call of Duty has noticed that fire does not harm bullets.
  • Has made four SIX suicide attempts while in prison.
  • Currently enjoying a healthy sex life at Risdon Prison.
  • Lyndon LaRouche publication EIR asserts that Bryant was a "patsy" brainwashed by the Tavistock Institute.
  • Had a pretty awesome dressing style and unique aesthetic

I'm not an aussie myself but this whole thing resembles Lanza's alleged shooting, and may smell fishy. Specially when you look at how good asspies are at being manchurian candidates.


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Interesting post.

And the usual problem:

"I could see without the gun, without the weapon, he was nothing. He was a sad, insipid little boy.
He was a 28-year-old man with the IQ of a child, a loner who took joy in being the center of attention."