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Maurizio Minghella

AKA: "The Valpocevera Strangler"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Necrophilia
Number of victims: 4 - 9 +
Date of murders: 1978/1996 - 2001
Date of arrest: March 2001
Date of birth: 1954
Victims profile: Anna Pagano, 20 / Giuseppina Jerardi, 23 / ​​Caten Maria Alba, 14 / Strambelli Maria, 21 / Wanda Scerra, 19 / Loredana Macarius, 53 / H'Didou Fatima, 27 / Cosima Guido, 63 / Tina Motoc, 27 (prostitutes)
Method of murder: Strangulation / Beating with a rock
Location: Genoa / Torino, Italy
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in 1982. Released in 1995. Sentenced to life in prison on June 8, 2005

Maurizio Minghella (Genoa, July 16, 1958) is an Italian criminal and serial killer, who was sentenced to 131 years in prison for committing a series of 10 murders of prostitutes that occurred between 1996 and 2001 in Turin when he was under surveillance after he 5 women killed in Genoa in 1978. He was also convicted of robbery, kidnapping and escape from prison.


Maurizio Minghella was born in Genoa in 1958, lives in the district of Bolzaneto in Polcevera, is six years old when his mother is separated from her husband and 5 children grows by itself, including Mauritius. Then the mother binds to a new friend who beats all the family and begins to harbor deep hatred defining the partner of the mother with the words to the first interrogation:

"He was an alcoholic and he led us bad. I hated it a lot, I have often dreamed of killing him, gripping a rope around his neck from behind »

Attend school without being able to pass the second grade, 12 years and still attends the first. A school takes fellow by the neck and stop their nose or mouth [citation needed]. Leaving school is doing odd jobs including tiling, often while continuing to steal scooters, motorcycles, Fiat 500 and Fiat 850 for speeding in Polcevera and surroundings. Womanizer, was always seen with different girls and was nicknamed the "Travoltino of Polcevera." Is passionate about boxing but is then chased after beat a guy [citation needed]. An episode that will then have a major impact on his psyche is the death of his brother, crashed into motion.

This episode Minghella will begin to develop a morbid fascination with the dead, especially at a young age. Reformed from military service for mental disorders, married in 1977 the fifteen Rose Manfredi, addicted to tranquillizers. The marriage was short-lived, however: Minghella is a regular visitor to prostitutes, and she dies as a result of a drug overdose after a miscarriage. The miscarriage further traumatize Minghella and his fragile personality. In 1978 he visited the psychiatric clinic of the University of Genoa and the IQ test is 70.

The first homicide of 1978

On April 18, 1978 in Genoa kills a prostitute twenty Anna Pagano, then hiding the corpse near Trensasco, fraction of Sant'Olcese. The body was found by some shepherds, his head smashed and was tortured with a ballpoint pen stuck in his anus. Minghella also try to mislead the investigation by writing on the body, "Red Brigades" with a spelling mistake, but the police immediately aware of the screening.

On July 8 kills Giuseppina Jerardi in Genoa in the same way and hides the corpse in a stolen car and abandoned. On July 18 kills Mary Chain "Tina" Alba of 14 who is found naked Valbrevenna the next day, his body tied with a garrote kind of a tree. On August 22 kills Maria Strambelli of 21 years, committed source of Bari, the body is found in three days after his death on the outskirts of Genoa.

The latest victim is Wanda Scerra of 19 years, who died Nov. 28. The corpse is discovered in the escarpment that runs along the railway Genoa-Milan near Genoa. The victim was raped and strangled.

The arrest in 1978, the process and the prison until 1995

Minghella is stopped and the night between 5 and 6 December confesses to the murder of Strambelli and Scerra, but denies the liability of the other murders. Is required between the handwriting handwriting and Minghella attempt to screening found on the body of Anna Pagano. Both the writing and the pen used to sodomize the victim are considered Minghella. For the murder of Tina Alba, was found a pair of glasses Minghella at the crime scene.

On 3 April 1981 he was sentenced by the Assize Court of Genoa imprisonment for five murders to be served at the maximum security prison of Porto Azzurro. In prison he has always proclaimed his innocence in the eighties and also Don Andrea Gallo asked for a retrial. In 1995, at age 37, gets probation and is transferred to Vallette prison in Turin. Join the community recovery Don Ciotti, a cooperative of the Gruppo Abele, where he worked as a carpenter from 17 to 22.

History of the murders identified between 1996 and 2001

In March 1997, killing a prostitute Loredana Maccario of 53 years in the woman's house in Via Principe Tommaso Turin in the district of San Salvario. In May strangled with the strap of a tracksuit in the Caselette prostitute Moroccan Fatima H'Didou 27 years after having beaten and raped.

On 30 January 1999 with a scarf strangling a prostitute originally from Taranto to 67 years Cosima Guido called "Gina" in the apartment where he received guests in Piazza IV March, again in the San Salvario. On the steps of the ideal pied-à-terre of women are found two pieces of paper towel with biological traces of Minghella.

Florentina "Tina" Motoc, 20, was killed on the night between 16 and 17 February 2001. Brutally beaten in the face and head, Minghella has then tried to get rid of the girl's clothing, lighting a small fire.

It is the last murder Minghella: DNA evidence, fingerprints, complete or partial found in places of crimes, how similar the murders and the time period in which they occurred (all after 17), leading the police to arrest him.

The new arrest and retrial

Minghella was arrested March 7, 2001 and home phones of the victims are found with the serial number removed. Minghella's cell phone is also tracked in the area where he was the Motoc the night of the murder. Conducted in Vallette prison in the spring of 2001 trying to escape fleeing from the laundry, but can only go to the first wall.

On the morning of January 2, 2003 you admit to pains in the chest and arm in the emergency room of the prison, but in the afternoon escapes and takes a train to Torino Porta Nuova and manages to get Biella. He was arrested the same day at 22.

Suspected of ten murders of prostitutes, but only sentenced to four of them, 4 April 2003 the Assize Court of Turin sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder of Motoc and 30 years in prison for the murders of Cosima Guido and Fatima H'Didou. He is currently locked up in solitary confinement in Poggioreale prison in Naples.

Maurizio Minghella

April 9, 1978, Trensasco, inland north-west of Genoa, some shepherds found the lifeless body of Anna Pagano, 20, a drug addict prostitute. His head smashed, legs and back covered with ungrammatical written alluding to the Red Brigades. The murderess has tortured the corpse, digging into the anal cavity of the victim as a ballpoint pen.

Three months later, the 'July 8, 1978, another woman, Josephine Jerardi, 23, was found lifeless in a car stolen and abandoned on the outskirts of Genoa.

Eleven days later, on July 19, the police discovered the third crime: in a clearing at the edge of the stream is Brevenna found the body of Mary Caten in Alba, Tina said, just fourteen, disappeared from her home the day before: the body, naked , was tied to a tree with a thick rope, in the manner of "garrote". The death occurred, was the answer of the experts, by strangulation.

On the night of August 22 Strambelli Maria, 21 years old, a young shop assistant Bari to Genoa a few years ago, after spending the evening with a friend, does not return home and his corpse in an advanced state of decomposition, is found three days later in a forest a few miles from his home, once again in the northern suburbs west of the city.

The last murder was discovered on December 3, along the escarpment that runs along the railway Genoa-Milan, where lies the body of Wanda Scerra, 19, disappeared from her home on the evening of November 28. Even in this case, as for the Jerardi, the Sunrise and the Strambelli, the death was caused by strangulation.

The surveys, conducted by the squad Genoese, pointing out our Maurizio Minghella, 23, a former amateur boxer from Calabria, tilers, subject to psycho-sexual disorders, a young man well known in the area for his impatient character, an expert in theft cars and, above all, a regular visitor to at least two of the victims.

On the night of December 5 and 6, during yet another interrogation, Minghella collapses and confessed the crimes and Wanda Maria Strambelli Scerra. He denies, however, the other three girls. But also for the unexplained cases the police suspect immediately Minghella: too many similarities, too many points of contact with the deaths of Wanda and Mary. It 's so that, in the course of further investigations, the name of Minghella is closer to those of Pagano and Anna Maria Catena Alba. For the first clues of guilt is based on a handwriting made ​​on the girl's body. The graffiti glorifying the Red Brigades were created, according to experts, Minghella. Even the pen stuck in the body of Pagano was owned by the young. For the murder of Mary Chain Alba proof is given, according to the indictment, the presence, in the apartment of Minghella, a pair of glasses in the girl's possession at the time of his death.

Sentenced to life imprisonment by final judgment in 1982, the court case of Maurizio Minghella who, after having retracted his confession, accusing the police of abuse, continues to profess innocence, seems to end here. In prison, his behavior is beyond reproach. On two occasions, in 1982 and again 17 years later, Minghella vainly try the way of the review proceedings.

In 1995 he obtained the parole, that can come out during the day to work. Find a job as a carpenter in the community structure of the Gruppo Abele, meets a girl and she has a son.

Concluded his story by serial killer, for he seems to start with a man who is paying for his crimes and is also slowly riabilitandosi. But unfortunately, it does not.

At the end of 1996, coinciding with some of her absences from work were reported in and around Turin horrendous murders of prostitutes, raped before being killed. The police opened an investigation and put in the viewfinder just the movement of Minghella. Result: In 2003, after an escape lasted only a few hours, Minghella was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Romanian prostitute Tina Motoc and 30 years each for the murders of two other prostitutes, the Moroccan Fatima Didou and 67/enne Cosima Guido.

The suspicion of investigators, however, is that the criminal record of Maurizio Minghella is not complete ancoa On 30 September of the same year, the court 's Appeal of Turin confirms condemnation Maurizio Minghella suffered in the first instance, but for a complicated matter of procedure, reducing the penalty to two life sentences to one. L '8 June 2005 the First Criminal Section of the Supreme Court, presided over by Judge Mario Sossi, confirms the sentence.

Accused by the new techniques of investigation. It 's the serial killer of women over victims

Niccolo 'Zancan -


TURIN - Maurizio Minghella, 54, wants to go out for a day of prison in Naples. He signed the application for a permit. After being sentenced to three life sentences after nine murders, robberies and rapes later in the series, after three-day escape that dates back to 2003, would return to free at least for a few hours. Permission denied. Unless surprises, will not be allowed ever.

Investigators believe he is the most savage serial killer in Italian history. Not only for what processes have established with convictions, but for what it could be clarified soon. The squad has reopened seven old cases, murders in Torinese. If its liability shall be tested with new techniques, Minghella become the serial murderess of Italian women with the highest number of victims: sixteen.

In 1978, six women massacred in Genoa, was arrested and convicted. Released, he moved to Turin, where between 1996 and 2001 kills three more: Fatima 'H Dido, Moroccan Tina Motoc, Moldova, and Cosima Guido, 63 years. He was arrested in March 2001 by the detective's assistant chief Marco Basile. Exposed by DNA, fingerprints and evidence. Final sentence in 2005. Still life imprisonment. The team "cold case", coordinated by the boss, Sergio Molino (Sandro Ausiello pm), reopened 7 files. Seven women massacred between '96 and 2001. The names: Floreta Skupe, 23 years; Nadia Shehu, Albanian 22; Carolina Gallon, 66; Loredana Macarius, 53; Heriona Sulejmani, 16, strangled in the woods; Atli "Elisa" Isaku, 22; Ebe Romano, 35, who was killed on the banks of a stream. The prosecutor in 2004 was forced to ask for archiving. Evidence "insufficient."

The case of Nadia Shehu is one of the most emblematic. He had been found at dawn on 1 August '97. Lying between rags, trash and broken bottles on the floor of a former Alfa Romeo dealership, a refuge for desperate addicts. Inside the abandoned warehouse in Via Botticelli, Nada Sheu shouted without being able to be heard. It was defended with all his might: the pink miniskirt was up, the red top ripped open the left breast. Strangled with the strap of her purse. Almost a signature.

But the genetic traces found at the scene proved to be too labile groped for a comparison. Even fingerprints - even in places coincident with those of the serial killer - were partial. Therefore unusable.

The drowned

Now it starts from here. The findings can be read back in '97 with new techniques. The idea was born after the work of scientific experts on the corpse of a Moroccan, drowned Murazzi July 15. Surfaced again 12 days later, the body was unrecognizable. Even fingerprints seemed unnecessary: ​​he had formed the so-called glove skin when the skin comes off and you lose all papillary lines, shadows, ridges and minutiae. Still photographing the poor remains in digital, through a system of oblique light, the police were able to highlight the distinctive features that make each person unique.

It was only the first step. Experts have highlighted the minutiae through computerized enlargements, then they added the file in the data bank Afis, the brainiac that contains all the fingerprints in Italy. A search engine that checks the coincidence between the last data inserted and others. Thus, the science of Turin had been able to discover the name of the Moroccan way is to analyze the footprints left by the murderer of Nadia.

The boxer schizophrenic strangling and forget

Eighteen years in prison, freed, returns to kill

Maximum Numa -


Maurizio Minghella was 18 years old. House in Genoa, the Giro del Vento, dormitory, a maze of apartment blocks and a couple of popular nightclubs. Late '70s. In Liguria, the Red Brigades kill and kidnap judges and managers. He does the tiler and the newspapers of the time is the "Travoltino Val Polcevera." Amateur boxer, a broken nose and sculpted muscles. Low, strong and sympathetic. Behind a difficult family and a series of traumas psychiatric textbook.

He lost his father, as a child lives with the mother's new boyfriend, drunk and violent. To the expert explains: "I had a dream, hold it from behind, strangling him with a rope to prevent him from hitting mom." All his victims strangled with ropes, belts, ties, socks, scarves. Then his brother's death in a motorcycle accident. So sorry to feed a morbid fascination with the dead at a young age. Here he is engaged in macabre tour in mortuaries of hospitals and cemeteries, to observe directly the corpses and the endless pain of family members. Marries a minor who has a Genoese ectopic pregnancy. He says: "One day there came a terrible hemorrhage, blood came out, a lot, a river. I knelt down to stop it with his hands but I could not. "

Diagnosis expert: "Subject-b cluster, psycho-neurosis hysterical." Ie: "Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by excessive emotionality and attention seeking and caricature." Finally dissociative disorders: "They are not to indicate the psychic dissociation of schizophrenia but a condition in which a psychic function, such as memory, is separated from the other functions and is usually integrated. Includes membership ammesia (forget psychic contents passed with meaning and emotional trauma) and ammesia hysterical, dissociative fugue. "

Normal girls

This is the situation. Over the years, the Genoese, the victims choose between normal girls: the neighbor, the clerk, the one known in the nightclub. It has an old 500, stealing motorcycles and cars. No one is afraid, everyone trusts him. Finally arrested before he confessed, then retracted and accusation: "They tortured me." On the back of Anna Pagano, one of his victims, writes with the red marker: "Rosa Brigades."

Sentenced to life imprisonment ends in Porto Azzurro: 18 years in prison, a myth for all directors. Helpful, hard-working, respectful of the rules. Here in '95 probation. Decided to move to Turin, hired as a carpenter in the cooperative "Piero & Gianni" of Gruppo Abele Don Ciotti, where surveillance is an understatement. Comes and goes as he pleases. The killer instinct leads him towards prostitutes, those most vulnerable. Double life. Monica knows, Turin a good family. Lives and has a son (the surname is not Minghella). His life rhythms of the slaughterhouse tortures, rapes, strangles, insults the dead. Monotonous, never a variation. Women, young or old, choices in neighborhoods where gradually is to live or work. He never admitted anything, but to experts confides: "During sexual intercourse, sometimes, I get a terrible headache and can not remember anything."

Maurizio Minghella, the serial killer of prostitutes

Enrica Papetti

June 17, 2008

Kills prostitutes, like in the comics, those violent sex that is usually read. He is Maurizio Minghella, born in 1958, defined by all the biggest serial killer in Italy. And 'a man like any other, but with a sick mind that harbors a huge hatred for women, his victims.

But first things first and reconstruct the history of this murderess and its brutal murders. Maurizio Minghella was born in Genoa in 1958. It 'an amateur boxer and loves to spend hours and hours in the morgue to see close up the corpses and the desperation of the family. And 'considered by all "minus habilis", his personality is understood from the outset that it is a bit' special (euphemisms aside ...). His father was a violent man. Minghella often witness the beating that his mother must continually undergo, in an interview with psychiatrists, will tell of regret for not having killed strangling him with a rope. It was during these years that hard, "hatching" in his mind the snake of death that, for him, becomes a drum beater.

Minghella need to kill, because when you kill excite. And its victims are women, especially prostitutes.

Kills one after the other and the more they stir, trying to escape, the more he grows in sexual desire. The killings began April 9, 1978 with the first victim, Anna Pagano, 20, a prostitute "toxic". Is found with his skull smashed, legs and back covered with inscriptions that allude to the Red Brigades. Minghella has tortured the victim, conficcandole into the anal cavity a pen. A few months later, it was the turn of Josephine Jerardi, 23 years old, found lifeless in a car. They spend eleven days, and, on July 19, is found Mary Chain Alba, said Tina, 14 years old, with her naked body tied to a tree, died of strangulation.

But the most heinous crime of Minghella is to Tina Motoc, 27 years with a 2. The head of Homicide, Mark Basile, in front of the mangled corpse of the woman, unable to hold back tears and vomit. The trail of crimes seems unstoppable. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1982, the serial killer continues to profess innocence. In prison, his conduct is exemplary: Minghella performs well, is quiet, no problems. In 1995 he obtained the "prize" of parole. Can go out during the day to work. Minghella finds work as a carpenter in the community of the Gruppo Abele Don Ciotti. There he meets a woman with whom he had a son in 1998. It is an apartment where you can go and live with his new girlfriend.

It seems, then, that his life after prison, it's really changed. But it is not. In 1996, Minghella is absent from work more often, and just in time for this, take place in Turin horrendous crimes of prostitutes, raped and then brutally killed. The police are forced to reopen the investigation and the prime suspect can only be Minghella. In 2003, after an escape lasted a few hours, the serial killer of prostitutes was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Tina Motoc, Fatima Didou, strangled with the strap of a tracksuit, and the 67 year old Cosima Guido, sentence upheld June 8, 2005, the Court of Cassation.

They say that only one woman was able to escape from the murderous rage of Minghella, for psychological insight. The "monster of Turin", in fact, feel the need to always be gratified in the sexual aspect: his masculinity must never be compromised. The woman who managed to save themselves tells him: "You're a real man, I want to be your woman."

U ccise four girls in Genoa, semi liberty 'for lifer

GENOA, 19 febrero 1999

He got the semi liberty 'Maurizio Minghella, today forty, the serial killer Genovese, who was sentenced in first and second grade to' life imprisonment, accused of killing in '78, in a few months, four girls.

Nicknamed the'' travoltino Valpolcevera'' for its'' look'' from'' Saturday Night Fever'', Minghella, then twenty, sow 'terror in Genoa, forerunner of the serial murders committed last year by Donato Libra, confessed to 17 murders.

Minghella, after twenty years' imprisonment, has left the prison in Porto Azzurro and now is located in Turin where he lead an almost normal life by day and working at night back to sleep in prison. The benefit him and 'allowed due to the good conduct of the bars. His defenders do not exclude that soon will get Minghella 's reliance on social services and return home, his family, who live in Genoa in the neighborhood of the Giro del Vento. L 'nightmare in Genoa there was a serial killer hard' eight months.

It all started 'the 8 April '78 cuando was found the lifeless body of Anna Pagano, a Coast Trensasco. The girl was raped and then murdered by throwing stones. On the naked body a sheet with the words'' Rose'' Moro Brigades. Those were the days of the seizure of the leader of the Christian Democrats.

On July 19, the same fate touch 'Tina Chain Alba, aged 14, found hanging from a tree in a grove, in Prelo, Val Brevenna. On August 21, was discovered in a forest near the corpse of Manesseno Strambelli Anna, aged 21, raped and strangled. Finally, on December 3, the 'ultimate crime of Minghella: Wanda Scerra, aged 19, was found dead after a long agony, strangled with the belt of her coat.

Quest 'last case port' on the trail of travoltino'''', frequenter of nightclubs and prostitutes. The young man was stopped and questioned. Try 'to withstand the challenges of the police, and finally collapse' confessing four crimes. Minghella portrait after a few hours', claiming to have been beaten to force him to confess. He was sentenced to 'life imprisonment.

Then, in '94, was asked a retrial on the basis of a handwriting expert to prove that the first murder was attributed to Minghella in order to demolish the argument put forward by 'prosecution of serial killings, all chained together of them. But this application was rejected in the classroom, at the end of the procedure. (ANSA).

O micidi prostitutes 20 years ago, a serial killer

GENOA, March 31, 2001

Maurizio Minghella was 20 years old in 1978 and was a tiler, with a brief history of amateur boxer and a present of small car thefts. Sentenced to life imprisonment for four murders, which occurred on the outskirts of Genoa in the spring and in December that year, strongly suspected for a fifth offense - never tried - and Minghella 'considered one of the first'' serial killer'' in Italian background sexual. A unleash its fury - as a story 'himself to officers of the squad of Genoa - was the sight of menstrual blood.

Prior to his arrest on the night between 5 and 6 December 1978 and confession - limited but 'only two murders - Genoa had lived long months with psychosis'' monster''. The five crimes had in fact unmistakable similarities: the murderess had strangled the victims of stolen cars, had raped after being stripped and tortured, in all five cases the girls were menstruating.

The series of murders began 'April 9, 1978, in Trensasco, inland northwest of Genoa, when some shepherds found the body of a prostitute, Anna Pagano. His head was smashed and body ungrammatical written that alluded to the'' Red Brigades''.

On July 8, the second crime, even a prostitute. The woman, Josephine Jerardi, 23, was found in a car stolen from the outskirts of the city. '

Eleven days later, on July 19, the police discover 'the third crime: in a clearing at the edge of the stream Brevenna was found the body of Mary Chain Alba, called'' Tina'', disappeared from her home the previous day.

On August 25, it was discovered the mangled body of Mary Strambelli, a young shop assistant Bari few years in Genoa. The last murder was discovered on December 3, along the escarpment that runs along the railway Genoa-Milan: Wanda Scerra, even her part, had disappeared from her home on Nov. 28.

It was during the hectic interrogation subsequent to the latter murder Maurizio Minghella confessed 'to killing the same Sciarra and Mary Strambelli. Attributed the overwhelming evidence, in the process also murdering Mary Chain Alba and Anna Pagano. He was also the murderess of Josephine Jerardi it 's never been proven.

Murders prostitutes hunger strike alleged serial killer

TURIN, March 30, 2001

It's four days on hunger strike in prison Maurizio Minghella, the 'lifer Genoese under surveillance suspected of being the serial killer than a dozen prostitutes in Turin.

'S former boxer of 44 years is locked in a cell of Vallette from 7 March. 'S arrest was triggered by the' charges of robbery. Last September he attacked, raped and beat a young Albanian near Turin, Alpignano. But it is also being investigated for 'murder of a Moroccan Fatima H'Didou, which took place in nel'97 Caselette (Torino), and that of a Moldovan Tina Motoc, tortured and murdered in February, in Collegno (Turin). Both have been strangled and in both cases the inqirenti found on their body of organic material of the 'killer.

The judiciary has ordered you to compare the DNA of those finds with that of Minghella. A 'anticipation of expertise has found the compatibility but it does not show anything yet, only the final results of the test, you will be in the middle of next week will be decisive for the' investigation.

L 'lifer, convicted in' 81 in Genoa for 'murder of four girls, now in prison will receive a visit from her defender' s lawyer Enrico Franchini of Genoa. For now, has always denied any wrongdoing. (ANSA).

Murders prostitutes in Turin, investigations lifer

TURIN, March 29, 2001

They are now only those clues that led the police to suspect that the Turin in a lifer parole, convicted of killing four girls in Genoa, has been guilty of 'murder of several prostitutes in Turin.

To participate in the investigation came to Turin even specialists so-called "team antimostro" the central management of the police. The 'man, Maurizio Minghella, 44, is in jail' s accused of having robbed a prostitute in February Alpignano in Turin. It 'also being investigated for' murder of 'another and for this second fact the investigating magistrate ordered the' DNA test.

The news that Minghella could be a serial killer of prostitutes was reported today by the "Print". The police is kept private on 'investigation and argues that "it is still premature to draw any conclusions." But we know that reopened the files of at least 10 murders from dal'96 onwards. Former boxer, Minghella was defined il'mostro of Genoa to have killed more than 20 years ago, four girls met in a disco.

Sentenced to 'life imprisonment nel'78, semi-free dal'95, he was again arrested by the squad in Turin on March 7.

To accuse him of robbery include a description of the victim, a young man of the 'East European, and some license plate numbers that led to his scooter.

Serial killer charged with 10 murders Genoa

TURIN, 11 octubre 2001

He would have been ten murders Maurizio Minghella, 43, the serial killer already sentenced to Genoa 'imprisonment, was arrested last March 7 in Turin, where he was under the probation, on charges of robbery and violence against an Albanian prostitute.

For two murders man received a precautionary measure, the other eight was only investigated. A Minghella, pointed out today pm Roberto Sparagna and mobile team of Turin, was also served an arrest warrant for violence and robbery against 11 other prostitutes, almost outside the EU. The suspect, confirmed in some cases, is that the girls have been miraculously saved from the murderous rage of man.

The serial killer Genoese life sentence for four murders in 81 nel'78 in Genoa, lived in Turin dal'95, but only after the murder of a Romanian in Collegno (Turin) in February, the police, analyzing all the killings of prostitutes took place in Turin in December del'95, and 'ascent Maurizio Minghella. In particular, thanks to the seminal fluid contained in a condom found on the leg of the victim, the man received a precautionary measure for the murder of H'Didou Fatima, a Moroccan strangled to Caselette in May del'97.

The second crime for which 'was issued a temporary injunction is rather to the Romanian Tina Motoc, 21, mother of a two year old daughter, who was killed on February 9 this year in a channel along the Turin bypass and recovered only after eight days.

A trap the serial killer is the phone of the girl, used by Minghella and his family from 9 February to the day when he was arrested, and a pair of boots which are also found on the same soil of the place where it was found corpse. In addition, through another mobile phone belonging to the man, the police ascertained that the lifer February 9 was in the area where you found the body.

Up to the time of the arrest, Minghella was under the probation. He left at 17 from the Vallette prison to work as a carpenter in a cooperative Gruppo Abele and 22 had to return the institution of punishment, except on weekends and holidays when he was free from 7 to 22.

Just the times at which the murders took place and robberies, all after 17, and their "modus operandi" (the attacker violently beat the women, raped and then robbed) have allowed investigators to connect all the episodes 'lifer Genoese, who always used a scooter then seized by police and recognized by women robbed.

Repeatedly questioned by investigators, Maurizio Minghella has always exercised the right to remain silent. Against him the prosecutor asked Sparagna a psychiatric evaluation to know if at the time of the murders and robberies had the ability to discernment: the results will be known early next month.

The fact remains that the man, according to those who worked with him in the cooperative and operators of the prison, has always behaved properly, leaving no room for anything. A particular, the latter can explain what happened on February 9 when, after coming to the cooperative, Minghella said this afternoon of feeling sick and was allowed to return to prison.

But man has not done so and, according to police, went to kill Tina Motoc.


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