Meanwhile in Australia......


The Wizard
So futs your beef with the kaiser? Charmer

Youre bitchy but still a bit high pitched...bring it down and let it simmer
None, really.
Cutting and personal is just more uncomfortable for everyone and it works for me. Feeling it, even when it's not in your direction means it's quality.

I suppose it's a kudos for inciting my disgust with his limp text. There's lots of meaningless things I could be doing, but I like the dialogue and I usually don't waste my words. There's more to me than just being a charming gore viewer.


This is probably the most successful thing you've ever done, and you now say that it's meaningless. For all those reasons that you took your ball and ran away from ogrish over your freedoms being hindered, you now claim those values are disposable.

Where exactly does a middle aged childless white incel think he's progressing to? Is there anything of meaning in your life?
Lol this is a website that makes no money and you think this is "successful"? It's just another gore website with no real value outside what the users value as a community, which again, irl translates to zero dollars in my pocket. As for Ogrish? That was killed for the users by poor management and multi-chin staffers like you, who should never have been staff anyway. How does that relate to irl government censorship talk tho? Lol. Fucked if I know, you're the idiot who mentioned ogrish and you mongs ended it, not some new law. The simple fact is I don't care enough to be involved day to day in this place anymore, so I don't, I got bored of this place like your "husband" will with your face one day, but I provide my server space to someone who does care. That's why the place still exists. What happens in future, not my problem :)

You've got real life success confused with giving a fuck about people on the internet.