cartels Mexican Cartel Baseball Bat Beating....brutal!


your friendly neighbor
I imagine my best friend is laying there.. daamn the screaming is so satisfying. It gives me butterflies.

Bill Kirby

Gorefully excited!
Now do you think you can remember what I told you NOT to do? I definitely know some people that would be appropriate punishment for.
I dont know what this man did... but that was somewhat barbaric. Put a bullet in his head and end it. Do you really think that man will remember getting beaten to death after he is dead? It's a waste of energy that can be used for a simple shot to the head. But then again... Maybe if he was not there and could have been rehabilitated then he could have had a chance. They dont know any better. Thats why my wonderful country just takes them out quickly and painlessly as possible. AND we do our best to give a proper burial.... The ones who have total power are the ones who have to be as merciful as possible. But I dont know much about all of this. I simply really wish that everybody would not have to deal with this. Maybe some of them can be helped. But it is a question of carrying a particular message. Do we want to really empale people that are going through crazy psychological thought patterns like this? There must be another way.


god damn i wasnt expecting he was gonna get that type of beating,. (what i pictured was just maybe couple hits to his thighs ,. an call it the day,. )lol:confused:


What really bothers me is that if you listen to the phone interference at around 50 seconds of audio, that could have been the boss with some important info such as. "boys we have the wrong man, we have the cunt who sold me an out of date twinkie back at the office"