cartels Mexican Cartel Baseball Bat Beating....brutal!

Mickey Knox

Nothin' but trouble.
MeThinks the idea is to dissuade others. They take a look at the poor dead bastard and decide they don't want to endure what he did.
They have no choice in the matter. They're soldiers who are given orders to torture or kill someone and if they don't do it, they will endure what he did and probably worse.

Evan Hoffman

Fuckin asshole
i would want a video of someone actually beating the torturer on the ground, defenseless, with a baseball bat, where he simply can not shield himself from it, that would show that motherfucker what that feels like


Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.
Short Bussed

The Breaking Wheel
This form of execution was used in Europe throughout the Middle Ages and into the 19th century. The condemned was tied to a large wooden wheel, which was rotated slowly while the executioner struck down on his limbs with an iron bar or hammer, breaking the bones. This was usually done in public places, and the victim's broken body was left out on display. Often, the breaking of bones did not kill the victim, and he would die days later of shock or dehydration. In some instances, the authority handing down the death sentence would request that the executioner deliver a blow of mercy, or coup de grace so that the condemned would die faster and suffer less. In America, the breaking wheel was used in the 18th century to kill revolting slaves, according to the Death Penalty Information Center

This could be the inspiration for the baseball bat torture,just more public.If you pissed someone of high office off,or was caught stealing, you were totally fucked.Like the cartels now.