Michel Peiry


Michel Peiry

A.K.A.: "The Sadist of Romont"

Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Hitch-hiking
Number of victims: 5 +
Date of murders: 1981 - 1987
Date of arrest: May 1, 1987
Date of birth: February 28, 1959
Victims profile: Young men
Method of murder: Hitting with a hammer and rocks
Location: Florida, USA / France / Switzerland
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on October 31, 1989

Michel Peiry (* February 28, 1959), nicknamed "The sadistic Romont (FR)" is the worst serial killer known in Switzerland since the Second World War.

To date, 10 murders were attributed to him. His modus operandi was almost always the same: he took young teenagers hitchhiking, tied them, raped them or made ​​them suffer sexual acts, killed them, and finally burned their corpses.

These crimes have shocked the whole of Switzerland for many months, and even beyond since 2004, 15 years after the fact, "the sadistic Romont" is back in the debate when the people had to decide on internment life dangerous criminals.

Criminal career

The first crime attributed to Michel Peiry back to 1 September 1981. He was then 22 years and travel to the United States. It would have made ​​the acquaintance of a young Canadian named Sylvester, who had disappeared without a trace. Peiry initially confessed the murder, retracted, and finally end up recognizing. Subsequently, the other crimes, he will often go back and forth between confessions and retractions.

February 4, 1984, in the region of Annecy (France) he murders the young Frederick.

In June 1985 some Anne-Laure (or Anne-Fleur, he remembers very well) would be the only woman murdered by Peiry, Camargue, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

May 7, 1986 marks the date of the first victim Swiss young Cedric, whose burnt body is found in Albinen, an isolated region of Valais.

In July 1986, Michel Peiry travel in several countries in Europe, including Yugoslavia. In the region of Rijeka (now Croatia) he confesses to the murder of a certain Silvio, before retracting.

A month later, in the canton of Ticino (Switzerland), he took hitchhiking young Fabio V. and kills her as usual scenario.

In November of the same year, this will be the first victim miraculously alive: Yves Ath., Who suffer sexual abuse and attempted homicide missed. This happens in the region of Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

Another victim, a young Vincent is found burned in March 1987.

A month later, on 16 April 1987, a young French will be the ninth victim of sadistic, in the Como area in Italy. Admitted murder and withdrawal.

Finally, the young Michel will be the second victim spared April 24, 1987.

Michel Peiry was arrested May 1, 1987 while performing his military service in the canton of Bern. He is serving a sentence in this day of imprisonment.


"The sadistic Romont" perfectly matches the typical profile of the psychopath organized. Despite not very happy childhood and an abusive father, he manages to live a normal life. It is appreciated by all and participates in the social life of the region. However, behind a "mask of normality" is tortured. First by his repressed homosexuality, then by violent fantasies acquired very early. By his own admission, he discovered sexuality through a review of bondage: in his mind, sexuality and violence have become inseparable.

Michel Peiry remain in prison


The "sadistic Romont" must remain in prison. Judge execution of sentences and measures of Lower Valais denied parole Michel Peiry sentenced to life imprisonment in 1989 for the murder of three teenagers and two other murders narrowly missed. The victims were boys aged 14 to 18 years experienced in making hitchhiking. In most cases, Michel Peiry had been tortured and had been sexually abused. In his decision, the judge took into account the persistence of a high risk of recurrence

No release for the sadistic Romont

4 December, 2002

"The sadistic Romont not benefit from parole. Canton of Valais (Switzerland) decided to reject this measure Peiry Michel. He was sentenced to life imprisonment 31 October 1989 for a series of crimes sexual abuse.

The Parole Board considered that the Valais condemned psychotherapy business should continue for a period of ten years. At the end of it, a new in-depth assessment of the evolution of the personal situation of Michel Peiry be performed, a statement Monday the commission.

She evaluated for society and condemned the pros and cons of his detention. She finally followed the recommendations of experts dangerousness of the University Institute of Forensic Medicine of Geneva advocating detention.

Peiry Michel was arrested on 1 May 1987. He confessed several crimes with sexual abuse, murder and four murders committed between September 1981 and April 1987. Between May 1986 and April 1987, he murdered three teenagers, a Ticino and Valais two, who met the prisoner by the auto-stop ".

The appalling criminal career of sadistic Romont

February 15, 2002

On 24 April 1987, shortly before midnight Michel, a young man of 17, hitchhiked instead Tunnel in Lausanne. It is shipped by a driver who is asked to break the file with his parents in a suburb of Lausanne. But the driver has something else behind the head. He takes on Michel Road Echallens, then towards Moudon. Suddenly he stops, wheel young hitchhiker blows and handcuffs. After making him suffer abuse moult, he gave the young man in a river, thinking he had completed. But Michael is not dead, he pretends to be. He walks two kilometers to the village of Sottens, where it is collected by an educator. From that moment, the investigation begins. Thanks to the details provided by Michel, we know now reporting that the criminal and perverse in his car.

A few days later, following a denunciation of his own family, Michel Peiry is stopped while performing a repeat course. Over the course of the investigation that lasted more than two years, Switzerland discovers with horror the career of one of the worst criminals in history.

For six years, he has hidden all his true nature: that of a murderer pervert who enjoys the suffering of his young victims.

Between September 1981 and April 1987, the balance of Criminal terrifying four murders, one murder and two murders missed. Not to mention the other three cases (two in France and Yugoslavia), where he admits crimes with a lot of details, before retracting.

Satanic scenario is repeated each time: Michel Peiry takes a teenager hitchhiking, the first threat with a weapon, then tied with handcuffs or rope, the rapes, tortures, kills with a hammer or stone and burn the corpse.

Michel Peiry

Michel Peiry

Michel Peiry police sketch 1987

Fabio Vanetti crime scene - Police photos
August 14, 1986

Peiry prison photos