Midnight Releases!

I didn't see one of these threads yet, and since I am just returning from one myself I figured I'd start it. Do you go to midnight releases for games? Tell us about it here, share pics, whatever! Let us know how many people were there, was there a raffle, did you preorder, that kind of shit.

So here is my first entry...

I just got back from the Borderlands 2 midnight launch at my local gamestop. Since it is a small town there were only about 35-50 people there, but I was among the first group of 5 to show up, which meant we went first in line, which was awesome. No fucking waiting. Well... except for the hours before... but, whatever, it's all part of the game. Saw a few people I knew, and met some new ones which is always great when you know you are all interested in the same shit. They held a raffle again this time, just for same basic stuff, posters and the like. I got a box out of the raffle which is pretty fucking rad, first time I've gotten something from one of these raffles. We preordered a while ago so we'll be getting the new character free when she comes out and we got some other add on thing too. Pics now...

Copy of the game, and the box I got with the cat for scale.



There were only three fun things about San Andreas,

1. Jetpack
2. Parachute
3. Bicycles
Dude! Yes those were awesome! But I loved the double shotguns! The monster truck! Tricking out any car! Making any car as strong as a tank! Finding big foot! I personally thought it was the best one...


I went to the midnite releases of WoW. BC & Wrath. The wrath one... it was cold and i didn't bring a chair. Now i digital download. Was going to for this xpac... but WoW has been shitty since Cataclysm.