Mike Patton friends?

If you're above the age of 16 you should have knowledge of this man's existence, influence, and musical styling. Any certain songs/ projects that you think reign superior? Mr.Bungle and Tomahawk have always been my two favorites I think. I realize bringing up Tomahawk opens the door for the Melvins, Helmet, and the Jesus Lizards. Explain.
Aha, I was just listening to that song. His voice is beautiful in that, without a doubt. When I first realized that he did in game voicing I was amazed. He really has the ability to change his demeanor and angle completely in a flash.

This song though, god fucking damn. I can never listen to it enough times, I don't care what anyone says about "supergroups" Tomahawk fucking kills.

the only thing about Mike Patton and his music projects is that whenever he has toured down here I can never get there to see him.

Apart from that the tunes he puts out are great.