Mike Tyson gon eat your children (1 Viewer)


I'm sorry if I have offended you
Mike Tyson has always been crazy; nothing new there.
That is all show...The more people that hate him, the more people watch, which means more moola in the bank...
The Ear biting thing was real, but I reckon he did that, because that was the only way he was gonna get out of that fight. Hollyfield was too good for him, styles make fights and Hollyfield had a defence that Tyson couldn't beat. He was already starting to get beaten, and he would've thought, here we go again. I remember reading how he got that tattoo on his face to get out of a fight...Even the baddest man on the planet got scared...There is no other sports like fighting...

Denim Chicken

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I like the story about how he wanted to pay a zookeeper to let him into a gorilla enclosure and FIGHT THE DOMINANT MALE GORILLA.

'I wanted to smash that silverback's snotbox!'- Mike Tyson

The guy clearly has a way with words.

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