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Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed

It's going to be a crazy decade
Call me a paranoid schizophrenic
But the only voices I'm hearing are those in the media.. politicians, corporates, authorities and philanthropist billionaires.. bill gates is pushing a vaccine, Claus shwaub and the world economic forum is on about the great reset and fourth industrial revolution.
We cut emissions by 7.6% this year which is in keeping with agenda 30 for sustainable development.. this will continue until we relieve ourselves of fossil fuel dependence.
Petrol/diesel cars will be illegal by 2035 at the latest...
Privately owned property is also likely to become the states, nationalised.. housing associations and UBI will be the driver.
Small to medium businesses are going to gone.. no you are legally not obliged to convert unused and closed stores into dwellings.
Universal basic income will be implemented
And if you refuse the vaccine your benefits will be revoked.
A social credit system will follow shortly afterwards..

Paranoid prediction's here
I'll accept abuse
And seriously..
Seriously welcome alternative world views..
I'm pretty worried about people really, just can't figure out how to bring anyone together.. some sort of shared social value which everybody can agree on..
It's just top down social engineering the likes of which should be reserved for fiction or confined to the history books.

People use to line up and dig their own graves
Then stand complacently beside them to be shot and disposed off
Sometimes a dozen men to a guard at close proximity without restraint
In a world where north Korea exists.. why do we imagine it couldn't happen with us
It already is


humans have a primal need for authority...good or bad,we need it....who the fuck would voluntarily wear a mask for a year with no payoff???remember when this covid started they told us only n95s would protect you?

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