more than 700 dead in Mecca


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Over 700 people died during the annual Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrimage is done in several stages that involve visiting various sites before reaching the last stage. It's a gruelling journey - especially when the average temperature, as it was on this day, hovers around 46C.

The deaths occurred when one large group consisting of thousands of pilgrims, heading to their next stage, were met by another large group, returning from the stage they had just done, and both moving in the opposite direction. The two groups met at an intersection and there was no way for those upfront to try and turn around or to try and push through the other group - there was no were for them to go.

Panic and chaos quickly set in and the trampling began as people tried to escape being crushed and suffocated to death.

Mina, Saudi Arabia, September 24, 2015.

Set 1.


2. In the foreground is Tent City: the one group was leaving and the other group was returning.



5. About 2 million Muslims make this pilgrimage each year.


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Lack of organization , lack of free roads, many people in the same place at the same time, someone should have known this would happen .


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When I was younger we use to go to the "ticket sales" for when a rock or rap group was playing and we buy as many tickets as we can and sell them for a huge markup. Tickets sold out fast and we start lining up at Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden in New York (Manhattan) Well we start lining up a day or two before the sale because every knuckle head shows up from NY, Philly, NJ to do the same think were doing. I finally found out what these crowds of people can do. The police would set up barricades but when they start selling tickets it's WAR. Not all the time but this time for sure. I totally couldn't breath. I really thought I was DEAD. Bodies just tightning up together and you go nowhere. Your crushing yourself and can't get a breath. I'll bet most of those that died "feel out" first because of no oxygen. Not being able to breath and they fall and get stomped on.


The Germans say the Saudis are impossible to help because they blame all such accidents on “The will of Allah”.
Pressure on the bottom was 8000 lbs.