more than 700 dead in Mecca


The deaths occurred when one large group consisting of thousands of pilgrims, heading to their next stage, were met by another large group, returning from the stage they had just done, and both moving in the opposite direction. The two groups met at an intersection and there was no way for those upfront to try and turn around or to try and push through the other group - there was no were for them to go.

Panic and chaos quickly set in and the trampling began as people tried to escape being crushed and suffocated to death.
Well Jeeez, how bout' they stop walking or some shit. Im trying to visualize this and I get it. But after the first 10-20 peeps on the ground, wouldnt ya think to stop. I mean, not 20, not 50, 100 or maybe 300, but more than 700. Looks like Disney World died :p


Wicked Clown
Now I can't help but wonder just hope bad it smells there. Those muthafuckers have horrible hygiene lol it's party off there religion to be stinky fucks and on top of that theres a fuck ton of dead ones now!! Catch a breeze just right and catch shit smell coming across the ocean lol!!


Before a German company installed a crowd management system at the entrances they had thousands of deaths every year there.