Moscow Fag Parade? Not in this life.


Metropolitan authorities to never allow gay pride parades

The Department of Regional Security in Moscow did not allow the representatives of sexual minorities to have a march scheduled for May 28 in the capital of Russia.

According to a source in the Department, "the organizers did not get any permit" to hold a gay pride parade in the Bolotnaya square area.

"And they are unlikely to ever get it. Even under a sauce of a cultural and educational campaign", the source added.

Earlier, the organizer of gay and lesbian actions in Moscow, Nikolai Alexeyev, said that the city authorities reportedly agreed for the first time to have a mass cultural and educational public gay pride campaign.

It is worth recalling that the city Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, just like his predecessor Yuri Luzhkov, earlier spoke out against such events. At the Ekho Moskvy radio station, Sobyanin said: "I have my own attitude to this issue: Moscow does not need it at all and I am not a fan of this stuff either".


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Short Bussed
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