Most disgusting thing you've seen


Racing To Death
When i was 20 i got the opportunity to view the County Morgue and on the tour things where supposed to be mostly Covered up well one of them wasn't. What made it more disturbing was i knew the story behind the death of the child that i seen and it was and 11 year old child that had gotten hit by a Ford truck (Photos in paper) and i knew the family (Not parents) and i remember one of the family members mentioning it at work. I felt kind of guilty or odd for seeing someones immediate family member dead (Child) kind of like i knew the full story and the family than seeing it. Something else i used to have a popular Youtube channel and i shot a lot of abandoned places and we always went in this one location and there was a toilet that was almost filled to the top as a homeless persons used it all the time and never emptied it well the foot deep of shit happened to show the individual using it as i walked past the restroom i flashed my light inside and there he was sitting there on a toilet of years of shit i assume.


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Giant oral abscess. I had to suction that crap. Don't get me started on the smell.

That's really nasty. Abcesses etc. in common, I don't watch them here in the videos. msr 's 'pimple popper' thread is hardcore for me.
But I had no problems back then to cut and open the nasty shit on my body by myself (infections from coke shots).
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the womens were always 100 times worse than the mens
I wasn't aware of that, maybe because it was not my job to go into these rooms. I was only the 'empty glass collector' to bring them back to the bar. The men's restroom was usually loaded with barf from the drunks and junkies. Wasn't a very noble disco, it's advertising in the '70/80s was an old hippie with a joint, called 'Old Daddy'.
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Not the grossest, but disturbing. A coworker had a miscarriage at work, and stopped up the toilet with it.
I had to plunge it. I wrapped the plunger in a biohazard bad to avoid getting blood on it.
She was worthless as a coworker, and a total drama queen, so I really didn't feel bad for her.

Another time, when we got our weekly delivery of supposedly sterilized red biohazard trash cans, I noticed something on the bottom of one. I turned the can on its side, and discovered a dried out whole placenta and umbilical cord stuck to it.