Most disgusting thing you've seen


Worst smell came from a truck which was sucking the shit out of a fat separator/grease catch basin from a restaurant's basement. I think they were already a week too late or so. I came around the corner and saw the people running away before the stench hit me too. These trucks are always smelly but this... unbelievable.
I'm a the summer my kitchen is easily 110° and when the sucker truck arrives I have to leave the kitchen or I will throw up (I have a strong stomach). Worst smell ever 🤮
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was on the TTC (Toronto transit) and I saw a fresh turd lying on the ground... I follow the trail of shit and it led me to a mentally handicap person who was covered in shit. He diarrhea’d all over his white shorts and it was caked all the way down his leg.

shit was everywhere.

and that wasn’t the last time I saw shit on the subway.

another time I was walking and someone covered their shit with a magazine. So when you kicked the magazine, it unearthed a pile of shit.
Sounds just like Vancouver