Most disgusting thing you've seen

james west

it is what it is
was fortunate enough to be close to a roof jumper , he landed head first 15-20 feet from where I was standing..I could fucking smell his brains and iron smell of fresh blood.


Ive seen a lot of things such as dead/dying people. Honestly, the craziest for me was during a work place incident where I was struck by a driver who fell asleep while going 80km/h. He pinned me against the truck i was climbing into the back of, and obviously crushed my legs, amoung breaking numerous other things. I remained concious, and so angry i can remember more a less ripping off of my right leg while trying to turn over onto my stomach and crawl through his windsheild. I wanted to kill him hahaha. Heres some photos, awful quality mind you. I cranked the contrast opn the one so its more viewable. I actually still have, and use the left leg lol:eyebrows: I suppose its not that gruesome compared to many things, but I experienced it so its special hahaha

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Nothing disgusting about that. That is actually pretty badass.

Kinda like feral hog hunting with Tannerite in Texas. Back when these buggers had been really tearing up farms and destroying crops, we'd drag an old car out to the fields, fill it with about 20-30 pounds of Tannerite, a binary explosive compound, some rancid meat as bait, and wait. When around 10 of the porkers would show up, we'd send a single 7.62 NATO or .300 Win Mag round into the payload from 200 yards out. Kaboom. Flying bacon. Effective? Fuck yeah. Not my style though. I don't believe in wasting perfectly good food and all of the hogs I shoot that doesn't get eaten by me or my friends are given to local charity kitchens.


Know what else is interesting? Tannerite is perfectly legal to own and use in most states. It is sold as a kit in many sporting goods stores and must be mixed before use. You need a projectile traveling at 1,900 FPS minimum in order to detonate the compound. But once mixed, you cannot transport it on state or federal highways without special endorsements, otherwise it is a felony that carries up to 5 years. I've used that shit over the years to demolish old abandoned farm buildings, cut firewood, and dig up stumps.


I once sucked a bitch's tits and tasted like cigarette. that is the guy before me was a smoker and she didn't clean the tits.
When I was 10 my dog got hit by a car. His neck and jaw broke and I had to watch him die. I watched his eyes go cloudy. We burried him in the dog park, 3 days later my mom decided she wanted him cremated. I dug him up and got him out myself because I didnt want anyone else to touch him. Still have his ashes and there are a couple hard bones and teeth in with it.

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i was going down on this woman and came across creamed corn, diced carrots and rice leftovers in her snatch.
i say "honey, have you been sick?"
she says "no, but the guy before you was!"


Going to France on a ferry in a force 9 gale, went to the toilet and all the sinks were full of vomit, as the ship swayed from side to side all the puke spilled over on to the floor, came back out and a pregnant woman was walking slowly past me with her hand over her mouth, puke was squirting out between here fingers, when I looked round I could see someone lying down asleep by the toilet door, all the puke from the sinks had washed out underneath the door and was being soaked up by the sleeping mans clothes and luggage, wonder who had to clean all that up after we docked ?