Mother sent photos of dead children: police (1 Viewer)

A man allegedly killed his two sons and sent photos of their bodies to their mother, including a picture of a hanged toddler, Texas police claim.
Gabriel Armandariz was charged with murder after officers found the bodies of his sons, two-year-old Gatlin and six-month-old Luke, in Graham, Texas, on Thursday.
The 28-year-old had been due in court next Monday for a custody hearing with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Smith, 28, ABC News reports.
Ms Smith was allegedly living with her family while her boys lived with their father.
Friends said Mr Armandariz started sending threatening text messages to Ms Smith at the start of the week.
But on Wednesday his messages included some shocking photos.
Mr Armandariz allegedly sent one photo showing the two young boys lying on a bed with him along with the message, "We love u [sic}, goodbye".
Not long after he allegedly sent another photo to Ms Smith showing one of her sons hanging dead.
Not believing the image was real, Ms Smith took the photo to her boss.
"She [Ms Smith] showed me a picture of her son hanging," said Douglas Ames, the owner of Chuck Wagon restaurant.
"Neither of us believed it was real. You can't imagine that to be real."
Mr Ames said Ms Smith called Mr Armandariz who kept saying "I can't believe you're making me do this".
They then heard what they believed sounded like Mr Armandariz hanging himself before the phone went dead.
But Armandariz called back five minutes later, Mr Ames said.
Ms Smith became terrified for the safety of her children and the pair called police.
Officers have not commented on how the boys died.
Investigators began searching for Mr Armandariz and the boys at 6.30pm on Wednesday, but did not find them until 10 hours later.
The boys were found at Mr Armandariz's home but police would not reveal the details of their search.
AP reported the children's bodies were found under the house.
ABC reported Mr Armandariz called police to hand himself in.
Ms Smith's brother-in-law said she had been living with him for several months to escape her "abusive relationship" with Mr Armandariz.
But he claimed Mr Armandariz had never been violent or abusive towards their children.


winter sucks
He'll plead insanity, although the motive was revenge on her. Mr God killing his own children will get what he deserves in the slammer. I heard inmates stuff Susan Smith's head down a toilet every day so she knows what it feels like to drown.


silent ghost
its fucked! this cocksucker (will become one anyway) will get his in the bing! theyll take care of his ass,foe sure!


By the names I'm wondering if it was a non-White father and a white whore for a mother?

If so, everyone got exactly what they deserved.

edit: watching the video, I found that I was right.

One white traitor whore mentally destroyed, two mixed and inferior children dead, and the mud father hopefully on death row by next year.


groovy chicken
Fuck! If I were her I'd fuck the police and do 10 times worse to the bastard than he did to those innocent children.


happy about some loser killing innocent kids ? they aint done nobody any harm

It's not about if they have done anything. Those children came from a White mother, but had a non-White father. The superior White genes are gone from them, forever. They are better off dead.

Frank L

I dont think race has anything to do with it bloke
Yeah this guy was just crazy, do you think he might go with a temp. isani. clam? Most chicks do it and get away with murder, how come not this guy, I mean he had to be crazy at the time to do what he did, right??? I mean he went nuts cuz his girl wanted to leave him, so he goes nuts and trys to hurt her by killing the kids. Some chicks go nuts when they find out that that their man is cheating on them and they go nuts and shoot the guy and kill him. So if they can do t why not him? If Im wrong can someone explain it to me?

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