Murder of Nibaldo Villegas


((I doubt that seriously no one has posted about this but from what I can find in this site, there's nothing. I don't really know how posting in this site works, but here it goes))

around August, beloved teacher from Villa Alemana, Nibaldo Villegas, went missing. he was last seen driving his seven year old daughter to a relatives house. later it was discovered that he was murdered by his ex wife along with her new partner. she disposed of the body by dismembering him and throwing him in the sea.
his body was found by navy workforce at dock Prat

BZi7OWg.png file_20180822133102.jpg PDI-torso.jpg file_20180818102512.jpg

there aren't any more photos of the body, I think. sorry :(
Seems their crime was meant to be found, giving the boat full of people, all that water, plus tides. She looks so sad to have been caught. Poor thing...

...those are some well dressed men of authority.