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Murder suicide

Discussion in 'Suicide Images' started by sgrass, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. sgrass

    sgrass Rookie

    b2.jpg b1.jpg
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  2. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    Info on the case sgrass.
    Google Translate.
    Couple found dead with gunshot to the head in rural Cushion
    A couple was found dead at around 23h on Saturday (28) at the farm Buriti Broken, distant countryside 60 kilometers from Cochin.

    According to information gathered on site, family members residing in cushion felt the lack of the couple, and triggered neighbors who came to the house and saw that the light was on.
    Haroldo da Silva Santos, who is friend of the couple went to the house, before the silence accompanied by a daughter of the couple he jumped out the bedroom window and the room both found dead on the couch.
    Rosenilda Rodrigues Batista, 36, was lying on the couch, and upon his legs husband. Experts reported that Rosenilda was targeted by two shots, and Donizete dos Santos, 40, for a shot, no one heard the sound of gunfire.
    The most likely hypothesis, according to experts, is that Santos shot twice in women, and some time later took his own life.
    Experts who evaluated the bodies said the two had died approximately 24 hours.
    Neighbors said the couple fought often, but do not know the real reason that led her husband to kill his wife.
    According to one researcher, the victims worked and lived on the farm.
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  3. Mtnflyer

    Mtnflyer Border Undesirable

    She looks knocked-up, to me. He looks like he needs to quit drinking.
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  4. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    Beer belly?

    Looks nice er?
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  5. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Didn't have much furniture in that spot and hubby died pissy. Sad case.
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  6. Teddyray

    Teddyray I like chickens

    they argued coz all they own is a couch.
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  7. Graziani


    The female police has a nice butt
  8. Liver1

    Liver1 Veteran of GG

    Looks a bit staged to me, I mean like someone else killed them?
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  9. Honest One


    She might have been preggers.
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  10. Royalewithcheese

    Royalewithcheese Lurker

    Fighting couple: Wife:"You're sleeping on the couch tonight".
    Hubby: "Bitch, all we GOT is a couch".
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  11. Tasmanian Devil

    Tasmanian Devil NewbieX

    I agree. The placement of the gun looks really suspicious and the bottle of booze is just over the top. I say investigate LoL
  12. Lazarus666

    Lazarus666 NewbieX

    Lmao that's cause you shit and piss your self when you die
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  13. Miercoles

    Miercoles NewbieX

    I thought they were two men...i had to enlarge pic to see ir was blood on her face not a beard..oops