Murder Suicide


Knock Knock
On the evening of Wednesday (27), a man identified as Amikael Lima da Silva, aka "Nego Gué," murdered his own wife, Naiara Nascimento dos Santos, the son of a few months born, Kauê Levy dos Santos of Silva, and then committing suicide. According PM information, the three bodies were in the kitchen in the house where they lived in central Itajuípe.

At the scene, the child appears between the mother's legs stretched out on the ground while the man was hanged in the same environment. On site were found scythe, knife and hammer. The baby suffered heavy blows in the head. Naiara still had two daughters from a past relationship. The 6 year old daughter was at school at the time of the crime. Already the oldest, aged 9, was at home, but managed to escape to see his stepfather to get the knife. The tragedy left the shocked population.

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