My crazy-ass wife killed three of our children and herself... I'm gonna sue!!!!

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Unbannable by decree!
Pierre is the “estranged boyfriend”. These were “her children”. The mother was 25. Her kids were 10 (surviving child), 5, 2 and 11-months. It appears she had some troubled times since she posted a suicide message in her facebook. This happens when you get pregnant as early as 14, even perhaps 13 years of age. Sue the father or fathers of those kids. Boat ramps are used to easy boat access in and out of the water. If you use them as something else, it is the user’s liability, not the city and/or county. The real victim is the poor 10-year old that survived the tragic event but has to live with the fact that he saw his whole family drowning in a lake, yet the scumbag ex-boyfriend is the one accusing being the one suffering the loss. Was this scumbag the father of any of these kids? He cries Protective Services had the responsibility to monitor the mother, and he had none? Did this piece of shit ever paid child support for these kids? Do lawyers have any decency at all today to take such ridiculous case? And since the answer is no, are you surprised at all our country has gone to crap when more than half of our government officials are lawyers? Do you think every former lover of LaShanda has the right to sue?