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meow :o)
I reluctantly share a letter I received from a guy who said this was his dream about me.... hope you enjoy it as much as I still do....

I flew in to spend some time with you. You were waiting for me at arrivals. I saw you before you saw me, stood there looking kinda nervous, full of anticipation just like me. A moment later, you see me and smile in such a way my heart almost stops. We hug awkwardly and kiss each other on the cheek and even then, there is that spark.

We were now in your car, heading to your place, talking about the flight, lots of small talk, the getting to know each other all over again. Basically anything to fill the silence....and then we stopped talking, I found myself staring at you, and smiling, taking every inch of you in, like for the very first time. I was breathing you in, your every scent filled me and it was making me crazy. You kept looking over to me and your eyes, those blue eyes made my heart race. Already I felt my pants tighten, I tried to think of ANYTHING else to control myself but it simply wasn't working. Your hand was playing on the gear lever, stroking it in such an obvious way as to get my full attention. Try as I might to keep control, I knew I was already a lost cause.....

We somehow managed to get to your home without further incident. You showed me around, I joked that I knew the place better than my parents house and we sat on the couch beside the window. The storm clouds were already gathering, weather forecast was grim but neither of us cared. I saw some candles, fresh and new, so I lit them all and positioned them around us. Only one small lamp was on, the rest of the house was in darkness, so I turned that off and allowed the lighting storm outside and the candles inside to reflect what light we needed. The rain started, pelting against the windows, you stood up to look outside and I took advantage by standing close behind you and wrapping my arms around your waist.

As you felt my arms wrap, you pushed yourself back into me. Slowly my right hand moved up your side, towards your hair, where I moved it to one side so I could nuzzle my face into your neck. I kissed gently, breathing you in, kissed again more deeply and felt your body relax against mine. My left hand moved now, around your waist, slowly stroking your stomach and pulling you even closer to me. You let out one of your little moans...oh those moans.....they do it every time. I turned you around to face me, my hands now cupping your face, stroking your hair, our eyes locked we kissed, then kissed again, each kiss more passionate and longer then before. Our tongues wrapped around each other, breathing increased, our hands now a frenzy over each others bodies.

I moved you to “that” chair, no words being said, I sat you down and slowly removed your jeans. Those lovely long legs now got my attention, silky smooth and so warm to the touch. I started to kiss your left leg, whilst stroking your right. My hands and lips moving slowly further north. My eyes still never left yours, you looked down on me, intently, wanting more. I kissed and licked your inner thigh, hearing soft murmurs from you I pushed my face deep between your legs. I felt you hands wrap tightly around my head....heaven.

Pushing your panties to one side I started to kiss, lick and suck you. Every inch of me was wanting to rip you apart but I somehow managed to control myself. I moved up to kiss you and slid 2 fingers into your mouth, telling you to suck deeply. You did this for long enough for me to remove them so I was able to slide them inside your pussy. It wasn't really needed as you were so wet. I started pumping 1 then 2 fingers deep into you. My tongue flicking in and around, parting your lips with my fingers, I was a man possessed. An animal instinct over took me as I eat you out. Your body started to convulse, your breathing harder and shorter as you started to cum. Your fingernails digging into my head, me unable to breath but not caring as you came hard for the first time....

Looking up at you, your face all flush, mine too, covered with your juices, I kissed you full on the lips again. I stood up, undid my belt, saw your reaction but no.......we're not going there tonight. I dropped my pants to the floor, my bulge obvious and straining to be released. You moved forward in the recliner, dropped to your knees and positioned yourself directly in front of me. Thunder, lightning and rain outside and candles inside making the room dance with light. Your mouth around my hardness now, you reached in and took my cock into your hand. Even at this stage, I was thinking, hold on, hold on, at least for a while, don't cum too soon... You worked your tongue over my head, your hand moving down the shaft, your other hand cupping my balls, Then without warning you took me in...balls deep. I let out a small, deep moan...an intake of breath as you sucked hard and fast. My hands were now around your head, thrusting towards you with every suck. My god, you weren't even coming up for air...I knew I was done for. Trying to hold on for more than 5 minutes was going to be impossible...and it was. I came hard, loud and and very forceful inside your mouth. Holding you there, not wanting you to release you just yet....

We're in the hot tub now, naked. Sat at opposite ends of the tub, the storm has passed but there is still a real chill in the air. The steam from the tub is rising over our bodies. We again say nothing, just happy and content to be staring at each other. Slowly you move towards me...my arms still outstretched along the tub, your hands move up my legs, along my waist and over my chest. I feel your breath as you kiss me deeply. My arms now move to once again wrap around you. Moving us both over to the jets I position you on top of me. Your hands grab my hard cock, stoking it, teasing it. Once again, I take control. Lifting you, I enter you with one swift motion. My hands on your breasts, squeezing them as you lower yourself on to me. You start to grind down soft and slow, at the same time I thrust and gyrate upwards, our bodies become one in the tub. The noise of the jets don't lessen the noise we are making, but we don't care. All at once, I push you off me, tell you to bend over the side and quickly enter you from behind. There is no gentleness here, only raw passion. I start to fuck you for all I am worth. Slamming you against the wall of the tub, my hands around your waist as I fuck harder and deeper with each and every thrust! All around everything is silent, only our love-making is filling the chilly night air.

Back inside... you're teasing me. You've dressed again, a white top, it's tight, short black mini-skirt and heels. Me, I'm like a lost puppy. I don't know where to look or where to start. My eyes are greedy for every inch of you. Also like a puppy, I want to rip you apart. Hell, I'm even panting like a dog. You climb on to the dining table, straddle it, legs apart, ass in the air. This is my cue to to act. My hands caress your legs, I grab your hot ass and squeeze it hard, slapping it gently, unsure how hard to slap. You let out another moan, and that's enough for me. I lift your skirt and start sliding my fingers into the side of your panties. Fingering your pussy, it's still soaking wet, I remove my fingers and tell you to lick them for me. Seeing your lips and tongue work drives me wild. My pants are straining now, the tightness is unbearable. I unzip them and grab my cock with one single motion. All our clothes still on, I mount the table and start fucking you slowly from behind. My hand moves to your hair, pulling it in handfuls towards me. Our fucking gets faster, harder, deeper. You start talking very dirty, and I respond in kind. You want to be treated bad, you want it in your ass. I don't disappoint. With one swift movement, I pull out of your pussy, my cock coated with your juices, and with one further motion I push into your ass. Your back arches as soon as I enter. Your moans grow deeper as I slide deeper into you. Back and forth, slow and gentle at first..but soon harder and faster, growing more with each thrust. You're on your knees now, your back is arched up against my front, your neck angled to match mine as our bodies entwine. I'm wanting to flood your ass with my cum. I feel my balls churning with each thrust! One of my hands lowers around your waist, the other, to your pussy as I finger and pinch your swollen clit. Your arms are behind you, around my neck as we fuck on the table top. We both cum at the same time, our cries of pleasure screaming around the cottage. My fingers covered with your cum, we both lick them together as we collapse on the table.

Next morning, in bed, I wake first. Looking at you sleeping, I stare intently at you breathing. Listening to your little, almost silent moans, I start to caress your hair. Soon after you wake, smile and move to kiss me. Our mouths still taste of pure sex as do our bodies. Being morning I am as usual, hard as rock. You see this and move slowly down the bed, giggling as you do. Taking me in your mouth, you slowly suck me. Your tongue flicking, wrapping around my cock. I'm laid there enjoying the moment but have the need to eat your pussy...right fucking now!! So without warning, I push you away, turn you around, and position you above me, your thighs straddled above my face, mine beneath yours we start to eat each other. My tongue darting inside your lips, licking and sucking like a man possessed. You, deep throating me for all you are worth. My face is so wet, I'm almost drowning and yet, I want more! I hear the gagging noises you make as you take all of me in, I love it! It makes me work even harder on your pussy. I stop abruptly, lay you on your back, legs high in the air as I enter you. Pumping hard and fast, I look directly at your face, the look drives me wild, moving your legs even higher and towards your body, we fuck, and fuck, and fuck. I feel my entire body shake as I cum hard inside you, willing you to do the same...

…...and then, I woke up..........heart pounding, body glistening in sweat.


Let It All Bleed Out
Frig, I'm thinking that was a long dream to remember - they say dreams only last seconds. I'm thinking he was either trying to hit on you or that all that goo-goo was his shot into entry porn writing. Did you ask him if he was awake or asleep when he had this lengthy fantasy? I'm thinking that he was awake, lols.



meow :o)
Yeah I think he was elaborating his thoughts in great detail while fapping with one hand and writing with the other lol. I think its more of his dream as in something he wants to do than something in his head in his sleep. I dont blame the guy tho ha :rolleyes:


silent ghost
I can control my dreams .... and make ppl do bad things lol
kinda the same. if i watch alot of war stuff,ill dream of it. been playing medal of honor and modern warfare too. so the dreams are there from that. also when i think back of my time in the military,i think of it also. warfare is everywhere!


If I watch anything on snakes I'll have nightmares for sure of them. If I'm on cold meds I have dreams of being violated by strangers yet right when it gets to the violations I wake the hell up lol.


Short Bussed



shit i havent had a good dream in months since my back started to hurt forget about dreaming more or less a full nights sleep.... no i dont want no more fucking meds unless there percos ....havent gone to the doc yet avoiding it till im screeming ....yes i have back issues after all ive only broke it twice and my neck once so im doomed with back problems.....
but i would love to have a few good dreams i kinda miss em last one was a short one but a half way good one....

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