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Serb nationalist Tomislav Nikolic has upset the odds to defeat incumbent Boris Tadic in a presidential run-off election.

Mr Nikolic, a one-time ally of the late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, led with 49.4 per cent in 70 per cent of polling stations surveyed while Mr Tadic trailed with 47.4 per cent, estimates by independent election monitor CESID showed.

Preliminary results from Serbia's electoral commission RIK based on 40.67 per cent of votes counted gave Mr Nikolic 50.21 per cent over 46.77 for Mr Tadic, with invalid votes accounting for the difference.
Mr Tadic quickly conceded defeat, congratulating Mr Nikolic on "a fair and well-earned victory".

Mr Nikolic, 60, promised to steer a pro-European course.

"Serbia will not turn away from the European path," he said.

"These elections were not about who will take Serbia to the EU, but who will solve the economic problems created by the Democratic Party" of Boris Tadic.

However the recent convert to the European cause has warned in the past he would not join the 27-member bloc at any cost.

"This is a turning point for Serbia," he said.

Surveys conducted just ahead of the second round had projected that Mr Tadic, the leader of the Democratic Party, would win comfortably with up to 58 per cent of the vote.


However, after his victory he said the vote showed Serbia "will protect its people in Kosovo".

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