Navel Erotica.


First, Last & Always

I can't even believe it, but it's hilarious! :lulz:

When super-hot supermodel Petra agrees to a photo-shoot with a famous photographer, she has no idea it will lead to a kinky afternoon of helpless laughter. You see, Petra has a weakness: her big, protruberant bellybutton is not only eye-catching, it's incredibly in ticklish! And unfortunately for poor Petra, her photographer has a major bellybutton fetish. She ties Petra down and teases her button with fingers and devious tickle-tools, until the sexy model nearly loses her mind. Will Petra manage to escape her navel-obsessed tormentor? Or will she succumb to the strangely sexual feelings beginning to creep over her long, luscious body as her button is fingered? It's fresh and frisky fetish action from the one and only Bad Penny!