NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in heli accident (1 Viewer)


˙˙˙ǝʌᴉƃ ᴉ sʞɔnɟ ssǝl ǝɥʇ 'ʇǝƃ ᴉ ɹǝplo ǝɥʇ
ofcourse people will troll him on this site. but overall i think he was a top 5 all time nba player. i'm not a basketball fan as much as in my teens but this man had more to his calibre than just being a great player. he spoke 3 languages fluently, helped transcend the sport to other parts of the world. he was a good guy overall on and off the court. ironically, today's grammy awards will be held today at the staples center in LA which was his battleground for most of his career.

RIP KOBE 1978 ~ 2020

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