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Necrophile Worker Molests Dead Body In The Morgue

Discussion in 'Autopsies & Morgues' started by C_R, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. keymon231

    keymon231 Professional Beaver Inspector

    Some people prefer disease rather than to be treated like a blind man walking through the mine field by his sex partner lol.
  2. keymon231

    keymon231 Professional Beaver Inspector

    Not me, as long as I see boobs and pussy, I don't ask question.
  3. Necrophilliac1

    Necrophilliac1 Lurker

    First autopsy pic I ever saw and the one that converted me to necrophilia. He really goes to town on that bitch!
  4. TwistedBitch

    TwistedBitch Gore Whore

    I can't find any more information on these pics. Saw these years ago and still want to know the backstory :(

    They are strangely arousing :wank: ;)
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  5. Necrophilliac1

    Necrophilliac1 Lurker

    Now that, is hot as fuck:dawg:
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  6. Honest One


    u really gotta be a sick mother fucker to finger a corpse, he cleary aint tappin a live ass.
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  7. Alice Ayres

    Alice Ayres Bad and Boujee

    me, personally, i couldn't care less what happens to my body after i'm dead.
    however, i would have a problem with someone fucking a loved one of mine, when they're dead.
  8. Popsicle

    Popsicle lelel

    Jesus this is too much....feeling sicckk
  9. 5108626

    5108626 Lurker

    I heard somewhere it's a fake...
  10. sinbadsss

    sinbadsss forum lurker

    body needs a zipper.how about that side vision????
  11. Ugh!!! :<_>:
    Sick as FUCK...I hope this faggot lost his fucking job man....I'm a HUGE gorewhore..but to fuck a corpse?!?..I'm cool!! :vomit::vomit::no:
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  12. KuriousKitty

    KuriousKitty Kuriosity Kills

    If you still have the name of the site would you pm it to me? Thanks.
  13. shanksta

    shanksta Unforgiven-

  14. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    I'll describe that Necro in one awesome Meme...

  15. Gut Gravy

    Gut Gravy Fresh Meat

    Is it because the woman was molested while dead? If that's the case, then I respect your opinion. However, what about the rest of the innocent poor souls, who met an early grave? Did they too, belong to family members who loved them dearly?

    Again, if this is your "fine line" well, THAT'S FINE!!

    If an innocent person indeed was murdered, wouldn't the surviving family members, have their "fine line" as well?

    If I had a family member who was murdered well, I'd find that pretty disrespectful. It wouldn't matter to me, how they were killed.

    ...but in either situation here, the offending/guilty party, would look pretty good swinging from a rope!!

    ...my opinion?

    I'd be likely to believe, that most of society, would find this website to be utterly disrespectful. I imagine most of these people's "fine line," would be making a decision, if they are going to have pizza or lasagna this evening.

    To the dead, it doesn't matter. I've learned to separate the difference, between life and death. I had a close cousin recently, who committed suicide. (sorry, no pics) :(

    By separating these two, as well as seeking justice for all, enables me to keep as sane, as humanly possible in this world.

    I find this website "therapeutic," because it enables me to stare at death in the face, and laugh at it. When I'm dead, I won't be laughing anymore...

    Nor would I care!! :)

    VIIIXIII Hush Super Moderator

    This isn't F/L/H, let's be civil and keep the memes to a minimum.
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  17. tl;dr

    tl;dr Banned

    That wasn't pleasant viewing, it must take a special breed of person to do that, a breed that that I hope doesn't breed.
  18. shanksta

    shanksta Unforgiven-

    I dated a dude that wanted to become a medical examiner. I'm not attacking him, but I never could understand what it would take to do such a thing. I suppose, no different than my original goal in Investigations. But, I'm sure there has to be those one or two that have sinister intentions. With all things.
  19. tl;dr

    tl;dr Banned

    Human anatomy is interesting to some I guess and after a while I am sure it just becomes a job but it's something I could never do.
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  20. shanksta

    shanksta Unforgiven-

    It is interesting. Just unsettling to KNOW there are some that are interested in that field with other intentions rather than to medically examine the body but to molest the body.
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