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Necrophile Worker Molests Dead Body In The Morgue

Discussion in 'Autopsies & Morgues' started by C_R, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. tl;dr

    tl;dr Banned

    I am pretty sure there are a few like that at this site, I looked at a thread earlier where they are requesting rape videos, what does that tell you about a person. I know because of the nature of the site it will attract some loonies but fucking hell rape vids.
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  2. shanksta

    shanksta Unforgiven-

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  3. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    Seeing death is one thing but specifically asking for certain videos especially ones on rape is creepy. Equally as bad as requesting videos on animal torture our cruelty
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  4. tl;dr

    tl;dr Banned

    Pure filth!!!!!!!!!
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  5. tl;dr

    tl;dr Banned

    Yep that is another no no for me.
  6. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    Necro is almost a gray area. I'm not encouraging it. Or defending it. But so long as they're not raping live people or kids?
    It's like guns. I'd rather have people happily vent by shooting those bleeding targets then a school full of kids.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
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  7. OddlyTaco

    OddlyTaco Gore is my fetish

    You can't blame him. I'd fuck her too, if they didn't cut her whole stomach open.
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  8. shooteratu

    shooteratu Lurker

    I would like to see the pictures before she was cut open
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  9. groovysherrie

    groovysherrie Morbidly Curious

    Wow...it takes alot to shock me... :eek:
  10. groovysherrie

    groovysherrie Morbidly Curious

  11. groovysherrie

    groovysherrie Morbidly Curious

    I have told everyone that matters to me that when I die, I want to be cremated and sprinkles in places that are special to me. I figure that way, I will become part of whatever lives there and will continue to live on.
  12. Graziani


    not to much pics:unreal:
  13. cango1025

    cango1025 NewbieX

    Holy effin moly
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  14. panecea

    panecea surgeon general

    Call me a prude, but if I met this guy I'd play him a song with my "Chicago typewriter". All fifty rounds.
  15. Amandagrish

    Amandagrish Lurker

    Barf I love gore but screwing a corpse hell no :-/ bit hard for us girls to fuck a corpse anyways not unless they die with a boner haha
  16. DirtyDog

    DirtyDog Lurker

    They call that Angel Lust Amandagresh! :dead:
  17. Lostserenity

    Lostserenity Rookie

    Reason #5,675 why I want to be cremated.
  18. FuckeDIndividual

    FuckeDIndividual She never tricks, she only treats.

    Why does th is make me throb :oops:
  19. crystal1932

    crystal1932 bring it on baby!!!! smiling faces tell lies :)

    Just a guess, probably his first time. Also his last! must suck to know you're only choice to get some action is with a dead woman. . Just kill yourself, and call it a day!
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