Necrophile Worker Molests Dead Body In The Morgue

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    Ever wanted to see how eroguro look alike in the real? This poor girl died just yesterday. Her name was Alex she was 19 and she died a virgin. So I played a little with little dead body of her. She did not complain at all :) First of all I sawed her skull and took out her brain and then cut her open from chest to pussy. Then I put my fingers into her pussy and found that she a virgin! Wow! That’s was cool! I played with her pussy with my fingers. And than, I took her cherry with the spray can. No blood at all since she was dead. Than I take her eyeballs out and look for some funny stuff I can do with them. Girl, with her own eye in the mouth! Have you ever seen anything like that? Or pussy with the eye. Finally I get so exited that fucked her. In was kinda strange feeling since she was cold all right and her blood and the stuff was all over but I cum just in few minutes. It was best cum ever! Sooo cool! I was all laughing inside when I gave her body to her parents. She was all cleaned and with make up just like alive. They were just stunned by her death such a tragedy. And I was all laughing inside since I know that this little baby will to the grave with pussy full of my sperm. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!
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    There are some truly sick assed people out there!:nono:

    AVANT-GARDE Be like water

    I really do hope whoever did that got caught, that's one sick mind. :why: