Neglected Foreign Bodies #2


Balls deep in the dead.
{Set #1}

Unlike the majority of cases in the first thread (excepting the 9-year-old girl), these so-called foreign bodies were intentionally inserted by the patients themselves.

I'll start with the females who took matters into their own hands (and, subsequently, their vaginas).

An 82-year-old woman reported vaginal discharge and bleeding for the past three months or so. Inspection revealed greenish discharge and a blockage about 6cm up. The cervix could not be visualized because of a mass in the vagina.


The surgeons put her under and extracted not one, but two foul-smelling foreign bodies from the vagina.


Her uterus was atrophied and her vagina had sustained significant damage from the FB's.


When the woman was shown the extracted masses, she recalled inserting two balls into her vagina 35 years prior as a method of contraception and to fix her uterine prolapse.


Several days into her stay at a hospital (essentially due to her own stupidity), a 16-year-old girl was discovered to have an intravesical foreign body during an exploratory operation.


Five days after the operation, she admitted to having put an object in her vagina to induce abortion because she'd had unprotected sex three months prior.
It appears she somehow mistook her urethra for her vagina and ended up cramming this rubber pipe (from a motorcycle) into her bladder:


A similar case occured in which a 20-year-old woman attempted septic abortion with a bamboo stick and ended up with a UTI:


Now, for the ladies who just wanted to get off (or "explore their bodies").

A 26-year-old woman presented with foul-smelling discharge and lower abdominal pain -- chronic symptoms she'd had for decade or so. A radiograph showed a metallic mass in her uterus (which itself appeared to be healthy):


The starter of a tube light was extracted in three pieces.


The woman -- having initially said she suffered psychological problems after the death of her mother -- admitted to "abnormal sexual practices" in her childhood.

This 50-year-old woman claimed to be unsure of how this object ended up deeply impacted in her vagina; she'd been separated for fifteen years and had foul, bloody vaginal discharge for three months.


It was a "plastic foreign body with an aluminum rim".

An emaciated 38-year-old woman with a history of self-neglect presented with complaints of bloody urine, mild urinary incontinence and menorrhagia; examination revealed purulent discharge and a foreign body protruding through the vaginal wall and into the bladder. She openly recalled using sex toys with a partner approximately a decade prior while drunk and said she couldn't remember if it had been removed. The sex toy was dissected and extracted in pieces.


A 24-year-old woman presented with three years of infertility and an 11-year-long history of vaginal discharge. Pelvic ultrasound revealed a foreign body in the cervix:


Heteroscopy showed foreign body in the cervical canal:


And the foreign body was extracted.


Yep, part of a pencil.

Another set on the way!


Balls deep in the dead.
{ Set #2 }

Three post-menopausal women with ridiculous stories.

Case 1:
81-year-old woman claims she tried douching her vagina in the middle of the night, but accidentally reached for the wrong bottle and had it slip into her vagina accidentally.
This was extracted:

The woman then admitted to using the bottle and part of a glove for masturbatory purposes.

Case 2:
73-year-old-woman claimed to have tried treating her vaginal discharge with olive oil when the bottle accidentally slipped into her vagina and broke. The bottle could only be extracted in pieces. No pictures, unfortunately.

Case 3:
A 69-year-old woman presented with vulvovaginitis and a liquor glass jammed in her vagina, claiming her husband had inserted the glass seven years prior and forbade the woman to seek medical help; the husband died, and so the woman sought help.

You may be wondering, "what about the dudes?" Those case reports are too easy to find and - in my opinion - not worth posting, but here are two that seem worth the while.

CT scan of a 22-year-old man showed a partially calcified foreign body extending from urethra to bladder:




Yeah, it's a fuckin thermometer. And the guy still claims he has no idea how it got there.

You can read the other case report if you want. I ain't gonna paraphrase.


An Australian man from Canberra, probably Abbott, shoved a fork up his dick back in 2013. The fork, you say? Forking oath!!