Neil Amstrong first man on the moon dies today.


That top photo isn't Neil's Buzz Aldrin.....other than that stellar shots..Hasselblad knows their shit.


SS Teutonic knights templar
There is a perfectly sound physical explanation for why the flag looks that way in photograph:

The wire mesh is sewn into the fabric so that the flag will appear to stand out straight in the absense of wind. But, a flag sticking straight out from the pole doesn’t look natural. So, the astronauts often would extend the flag and
bend ripples into it so that it looked more like it were waving. Look at video of the astronauts moving around the flag. It looks like it is waving, but it is frozen in position as the astronauts move by. It doesn’t actually wave. As it turns out, the flag didn’t really unroll as smoothly on the Moon as it did in tests on Earth, so the astronauts didn’t have to do much work to make it look like it were waving. It tended to look crinkly anyway.

I think they did land on the moon.


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Ah man. He's the reason I'm an astronomy nerd :( when I was little I wanted to go to the moon. Still do.
I was always really jealous of my (much) older siblings, because they got to watch the lunar landing live.