Serious **NEW**Rules and Guidelines (Updated 1/22/2021)

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«Please read these revamped RULES AND GUIDELINES. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the following rules, please PM a staff member.»
It is every member's responsibility to read and follow the rules. Ignorance is no excuse.»


These rules notwithstanding, staff reserve the right to exercise personal discretion and ban a member for any reason, even if no specific rule has technically been violated. This right will generally only be exercised in extreme or very exceptional cases, and never as a matter of favoritism or vendetta.

**1.) Goregrish is a gore/shock website for ADULTS ONLY (age 18 years+). If a staff member suspects you're underage, you'll be banned immediately unless you can prove otherwise.

**2.) Videos or images of animal cruelty or torture, as well as targeted, deliberate child abuse ARE NOT ALLOWED.
• This rule refers to animal cruelty or torture deliberately inflicted for entertainment or enjoyment. Examples: animals lit on fire; living animals hung from trees and then beaten; a mouse eaten alive on camera; etc.
• It additionally refers to targeted, deliberate abuse of a child, typically by a caretaker or older child. Depictions of children being injured or killed in war, accidents, natural disasters, etc. are not considered child abuse and are allowed.

**3.) Flaming, racism, and uncensored speech are allowed across the entire website and forum and in all sections. This includes: usernames, signatures, avatars, profile pages, and PMs.

If this becomes too excessive or begins to derail gore and discussion threads, forum staff will intervene and issue warnings where needed.

Members have the ability to delete comments, block users from their profiles, and add users to their ignore lists. We encourage you to do so.

**4.) DO NOT flame other users with pedophilia insults or accusations. This includes posting pedophilia-related comments. Example: "That 13-year-old has nice tits, I'd fuck her."

NOT allowed in any variation:
kiddie fiddler
kiddie fucker

If you require additional clarification, contact a staff member.

DO NOT post child pornography.
Posting this sort of illegal material will result in an instant ban, and we will forward any and all identifying and incriminating information (your IP address, our server logs, etc.) to the relevant authorities as the law requires. This can include any material and/or images we may deem to be borderline illegal CP.

Jokes and satire about pedophilia will be allowed, as will similarly comedic video or text. Images depicting pedophilia for comedy value (examples: Lolokaust drawings, Michael Jackson memes, etc.) will be allowed. Pornographic cartoons are also allowed.

**5.) Bestiality links, images, and videos are strictly forbidden.

**6.) Spamming or phishing accounts are strictly forbidden. Spamming or flooding user profiles, chat rooms, PMs, etc. IS NOT ALLOWED.

**7.) All posts and user information must be written in the English language, or they will be edited/deleted as appropriate. This doesn't apply to appropriate use of non-English words or phrases in clearly allowable contexts (i.e., an English-language discussion of ancient Greek words and phrases.)

**8.) The posting of another member's personal information (PI) without their express consent is forbidden.

This includes (but is not limited to): real names, email addresses, telephone numbers, private messages, private instant messenger conversations, instant messenger screen names, and home addresses.

PI that is found on public domains (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) that HAS NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN POSTED ON GOREGRISH is also FORBIDDEN.

**9.) User signatures should follow these guidelines:
Font size no greater than 5 (BBCode).
No advertising/referral links in signatures. Non-malicious URL links to other websites are acceptable.
Image height at a respectable size, no more than 130px. No huge images.

**10.) Thread starters should follow these guidelines:

A new thread or post should always be created in the section to which it belongs—and for God's sake, STAY ON TOPIC. New threads should have an accurate, descriptive title and/or tags pertaining to the material within. This is to aid members using the SEARCH FUNCTION. We do encourage eye-popping, funny, or imaginative titles to grab readers' attention... again, just make sure your title pertains to the information within.

Staff understand that reposted threads do happen. We will either merge, delete, or allow a thread, depending upon the age of the thread and possibly other factors.

PLEASE PUT A WARNING LABEL ON SENSITIVE TOPICS (at this time, primarily dead animals and children).

Secondary accounts will be deleted. You may only register one account per person. If multiple persons are registering from the same household, or are using the same computer, contact us IMMEDIATELY or the account(s) may be banned. Previously banned members will be banned again if they re-register.

NOTE: Don't be tempted to share your account details to allow another member to log into your account for any reason. This will flag your account and you risk being banned as an alt. Anyone who does this and is subsequently able to prove they aren't an alt will spend 7 days in the Short Bus. Any further violation will result in a permanent ban.

**The Short Bus**
This section is intended for members who need a time out. Being sent to the Short Bus isn't an immediate ban and isn't necessarily permanent. Periods of incarceration may be 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or indefinite.

After 48 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, you will be allowed off the Short Bus. If you're on the Short Bus indefinitely, you may (or may not) be released at staff discretion.

NOTE: If you're allowed off the Bus and fuck up ONE time, you'll be permanently banned. This also applies if you register another account while confined to the Short Bus.

Confinement to the Short Bus is entirely a matter of staff discretion. You may be permanently banned instead.

We appreciate the fact that our members are a tight-knit community and enjoy poking fun at one another. Provided those involved behave in a civil and tolerable manner, we welcome fun, jokes, wit, sarcasm, and all that good stuff. Personal arguments should be confined to private messages or F/L/H.
Goregrish is a privately owned, operated, and entirely FREE TO MEMBERS website. The persons involved with maintaining Goregrish in no way condone or encourage the harming of any living creature; we merely present reality. It is your choice to view the media and opinions hosted on this site. By registering with Goregrish, you have agreed to adhere to the above guidelines and also our terms of service.
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***Off-Topic Posts*** (NEW WARNINGS)

Off-topic posts have become a major problem for threads outside F/L/H.

Discussing your cat, husband, breakfast cereal, etc. in an inappropriate thread, for example "MEMBERS PHOTO ALBUM COMMENTS," is retarded.

Because some of you refuse to heed our reasonable and benevolent warnings, we have now enacted NEW RULES as follows:

  1. FIRST WARNING: Staff will REMIND THOSE IN VIOLATION TO STAY ON TOPIC and posts will be deleted.
  2. SECOND WARNING: Violators will be placed in the SHORT BUS for 48 hours.
  3. THIRD WARNING: Violators will be placed in the SHORT BUS for 7 days.
  4. FOURTH WARNING: Violators will be placed in SHORT BUS for 30 days.

**Repeat violators are automatically sentenced to the Short Bus for 30 days upon each new violation.**

***ProTip: if you want to go OFF TOPIC..stay in the FLH section.***
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