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Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza

Alias: "The monster Parcona"
Rating: Serial Murderer
Features: Rapist
Number of victims: 13
Activity Period: 1995 - 1996
Detention Date: September 4, 1996
Date of birth: 1971
Profile victims: Girls between 6 and 9 years
Method of murder: Suffocation
Location: Lima and Parcona, El Peru
Status: Sentenced to life imprisonment 1997

A Peruvian 25-year-old, described by the press of the country as "The Beast of Parcona" confessed that he sexually abused and killed at least twelve girls, according to information provided by police.

Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza was arrested last week in the southern district of Parcona, in the department of Ica, some 300 kilometers south of Lima.

The criminal was located and detained by several workers who heard the cries for help of a girl in the middle of nowhere, where police discovered the bodies of four other children in an abandoned well.

The police spokesman said that Gutierrez coldly confessed his crimes, explaining that before attacking a girl followed her for two or three days and then had lured to a secluded spot.

His first eight murders perpetrated on the south side of Lima and the last four in Parcona, where he fled to avoid police harassment, the steps following him since last May, when he was arrested and released for "lack of evidence" .

The body of the last girl was found murdered in Lima just 25 meters from the hut where Gutierrez and his mother lived in the neighborhood José Gálvez, the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo.

The killing of girls began in May 1995 in the same neighborhood, where six of the eight living children killed by the criminal in Lima, said the police source.

The case has shocked Peruvians and has reopened the debate on the possibility of extending the death penalty for rapists and child murderers.

Prosecutor's Office, Nelida Colan, and parliamentarians from all political support capital punishment sentence or chemical castration of such criminals. Peruvian law currently punishable by life imprisonment cases of sexual abuse to murder, and it appears that "the Beast of Parcona" receive this harsh sentence.

The devil himself

Murderer was captured by two peasants. He got caught when he tried to rape another child

Report Ismael Leon and Catherine Lanseros

On Wednesday, September 4 outcome occurred. By late afternoon the farmers Juan Castillo and Carlos Espino, brothers aged 28 and 25 years, ended its projects throughout the Buendía founded, an area of five thousand meters to six kilometers from Ica, on the edge of the road, between districts and Parcona The Tinguiña.

They observed that a subject entered the farm wearing skinny hand of a girl, sneaking through a small perforated done in the brick fence. Jumped. The news of the disappearances was also worried and decided to find out for sure. Followed in the footsteps of man and his prey and were entering an abandoned hut. They tore down the flimsy door and there were face to face with the horror. The small lay crying on the floor, half-naked and ready to do violence criminal sexually. To be surprised, Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza flew out the door and with a small knife in his right hand.

John, the eldest brother Espino, decided to pursue while Charles remained in the care of the child. The race that went on behind the rapist caught him after intense chase through five blocks. I cornered very near Parcona. There Gutierrez tried to defend himself with the knife and his pursuer loudly called for help. The subject turned to run and got to his house, and in Parcona.

Tracker shouted, "here's the murderer." On hearing the neighbors came out of their houses and armed with stones and sticks chased the fugitive, who was forced to surrender. They tied him up and dragged him to the police station led, where they proceeded to deliver. What surprised the family and reporters, was that the next day a police officer appeared before the press and very plump attributed to his work catching the rapist.

But the task was not completed. They had the rapist-murderer but not the bodies of the crime. Again it was the people who solved the riddle. Brigades organized inhabitants tracked questionable place, starting with the land adjacent to the farm house Buendía and Gutiérrez Mendoza. They found the first body of the four would then digging.

General Ira

Meanwhile Parcona population has placed a memorial with three thousand signatures to the National Police chief, Antonio Ketin Vidal, in calling the police drastic changes in the Ica Region IX.

Relatives of the victims, friends and residents, remember that upon the first disappearance, the complaint was brought to the police station where they were told Parcona, "have to spend 24 hours to consider a person as missing."

Parents of children with cops discussed Parcona. They reminded that very close, in Pachacamac, Lima, had committed several crimes against girls after their disappearance. Remain unanswered and went to Ica.

There Bringas Gen. Rolando Quesada sought calm. But in mid-July and were three disappeared without trace and in similar circumstances. The minor in smoke in the streets, always alone, no one heard screams or signs of violence, which suggested that the kidnapper was, calculated his steps and then took them with deception.

The third week of August, in Parcona, people bordering on panic. Had evaporated, and two other girls were six-, no responsible courts and police did not come into action. Nobody saw a crawl on the outskirts of Ica, in suspicious places where junkies and drunks often meet.

Under pressure from the media, particularly local radio, an officer went to a station and accused of scaremongering. Phenomenon was repeated last year's mid-May this year in the delegation of Jose Galvez, Villa Maria del Triunfo.

The first victim

On May 26, 1995, the output was earlier than usual at school. Arroyo's mother Palmira Quispe, 8, used to go to school to pick her up at five in the afternoon, but this time not found. At school reported that they had left early and would probably be with a friend. The mother was concerned that they lived in Jose Galvez, Villa Maria del Triunfo, just a month ago. He had just moved from Callao and her daughter had not met many people.

Days later, nearby, in the AA.HH. July 19, a worker was entering a desolate building to a man who had a little girl in her arms and apparently was asleep. He notified his foreman and went to find the owner of the building. Police found the girl's body decomposing in lot 3 of block E.

The day of the disappearance, the alarmed mother had gone to the police station of Jose Galvez. The answer was that I had to wait 24 hours had elapsed. The next day he returned to look for her child and was told they did not have gasoline for the truck. He decided to seek help from the community and were able to find the body.


Jenny, 9, disappeared on January 30, 1996 at 6 pm. His mother, Isabel, was selling clothes in the position you have in the market and Jenny left the care of his grandmother. Since several girls had been raped and Isabella did not want his daughter the same fate. However, in a neglect of the grandmother, the granddaughter went to play in the street. Neighbors saw the girl walking towards the market, from the hand of a stranger.

The day of the disappearance, when Jenny's mother went to the police, they told her that her daughter was playing with a girlfriend and come back the next day. Also it was too late and the people at that time was dangerous. When he returned and asked them to look for his daughter, replied that they had no units or personnel available. His body was found six days later, on a farm near the oxidation pond.

The body of the last girl that Gutierrez violated in the Southern Cone, was found a few meters from the home of his sister, whose back was a hut where he lived the rapist. When he was captured confessed to the removal of the body.

Then he was captured by the police, who then arrested four days of having freed him, saying they had no evidence against him. Gutierrez tricked his captors. Then he went to Ica taken by his mother.

Police negligence

People in Jose Galvez has consistently protested the neglect that has plunged the police station in your area. A former leader complained to CARETAS: "We live from hand to mouth, the law protects us and we are constantly victims of robberies, assaults and threats. The only way we are organizing ourselves protegenernos to the community."

In January this year the residents of this settlement went to the police station to protest and were about to stone her. The response of the authorities was to change the most, captains and noncommissioned officers of the delegation.

Things, however, not improved. Captain Diaz de la Vega focuses the ire of neighbors. On 30 March this year the mayor Rafael Chacón, created the Citizen Security Posts, by contract personnel. Jose Galvez already has three of these modules located in key sectors of the settlement.




1. Palmira Arroyo Quispe, (8), May 26, 1995. His body was found in the AA.HH. Mz.E lote3 July 19, José Gálvez VMT

2 - Johana Quispe Contreras, (6) 26/08/95 body was found on Avenida Grau 1938, José Gálvez

3 - Jackeline Lizbeth Wall Paiva, (7) student at the College 9/14/95 Peruvian-Japanese.'s Body was found in the passage of the Lúcumos Pajares, José Gálvez, VMT

4 - Keyla Goya Yolanda Leon, (6) the corpse was found in the area's agricultural committee No. 10 José Gálvez VMT studied in Peruvian-Swiss Villa El Salvador.

5 - Jenny Fiorella Champa Wheel (9) February 4, 96. He was found on Avenida Los Eucaliptos 13-B Jose Galvez, VMT

6 - Elizabeth Cespedes Lidia Rojas, (8) 10 May 96. He placed the body in Passage Railway # 162 A. Lot 6 José Gálvez VMT

7 - Karen Flores Medrano, (8) disappeared on August 16, 1996 in Parcona.

8 - Gina Calderon Villafuerte (7) Parcona, Ica. He disappeared on July 17 at the output of the Colegio Santa Rosa

9 - Lizeth Palomino Velasquez (7) Parcona, Ica.

10 - Naomi Gamboa Saritúpac (6) kidnapped the afternoon of July 26 in Ica. He studied at the College N ° 22319


ALR 11 (8) 12-ITG (8) 13-PBT (8) disappeared in March.

It was castrated

Can maul symbolically who already received such punishment?

"The problem with guys like Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza is not in the penis but in his head. I disagree with castration or the death penalty," says psychoanalyst Luis Herrera Abad around Gale thrown punitive proposals the rapist and murderer of many girls. Prior to remember that we are not only products of underdevelopment children.

Today Europe is moved against the revelation of a network dedicated to the abduction of girls, in Belgium, which then have been for prostitution on the continent or in Asia through its clandestine export. Industry carnal with which civilized Europe is shocked, because you find that the demand for these children was also among themselves, perhaps in the elegant neighborhood. In Stockholm today studying the ramifications of this trade, surfaced by the capture of a Polish recidivist, in whose home the police found the bodies of many small previously missing.

Here at home the anger of the population, particularly afflicting the parents of the victims, is on the front pages of newspapers. But the episode deserves further reflection.

In 1996 we live a sort of postwar and it underlines Abad Herrera. After crimes Path, the MRTA and the dirty war, Peruvians suffer exacerbated urban violence, with crimes such as Villa Maria del Triunfo and Ica. At least thirteen girls have been killed in less than a year. And by law the maximum punishment for those criminals will be for life imprisonment.

"After the war there was a sequel of social violence. Generalizes When arrogance, intensify the relations of dominance and submission, express the facts as he carried his extreme arrogance," says Herrera, who incidentally adds that terrorism trivialized the respect for life and the idea of ​​death reduced to an abstract number. We got used to coexist with death and today it has again come between us.

The psychologist tries to put the facts in their temporal context. Last century Gutierrez and his crimes would have paid at the stake. The question is, with the bonfire disappeared rapists?, Are made more healthy and tolerant social life, here or where applied this barbaric punishment?

By the way society expects severe punishments for individuals who rape and kill children. The psychoanalyst shares that proposal, but warned not to expect life imprisonment or other punishment inhibit the criminals are still at large. These crimes, he says, are only sporadic, very strange, when the whole society to heal its wounds again.

Professional trained in the Catholic University, with further training in the Peruvian Society of Psychoanalysis, comprising Abad Herrera popular anger but calls to banish these barbaric acts act civilized, with the current law in their hands and not with revenge as criteria barbarian eye for an eye.

"Children are not born with a sense of guilt, they are learned and this guy does not have them," notes psychologist after seeing the murderer on television. Guilt feelings are internalized when one is taught to distinguish right from wrong, something that Gutierrez can not do, he adds.

"You must have had a very unhappy childhood, without affection or compensation, in adolescence suffered parental neglect, knew misery and from there went to military service. Had some genetic component If altered, the environment did not contribute to neutralize", check the professional. Thus alludes to reports on the alleged mental disorders from the mother of Nicholas. "Every one of us, but is neutralized with family love, social order, the necessary recognition that every human being seeks, socialization, in short. This guy was not, and was symbolically castrated. Want castrate again genitals, for what? "Abad Herrera asks, asked especially to legislators.

Surgery for criminals

Common Criminals

- And some Peruvian criminal criminals had all the features?

Leaning back in his black leather chair Dr. Jose Garcia Jimenez, a forensic psychologist at the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), a quick review of mind. Smoothing something slightly graying mustache, replied: "'The Monster Parcona', ten years ago or so: it was a case of those of those wondering, had many antisocial traits. Florida had a personality. "

The 'Monster Parcona' was a recidivist pedophile. A serial killer. The girl who was with Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza shouted from an abandoned house, three kilometers from the city of Ica, in Parcona. The Espino brothers finances Castle Buendía, heard the cries of the child and could not find the place. Discovered, Gutierrez, left the girl and ran. But he could not escape.

That was the end of a series of murders and rapes that began in Pachacamac, Lima, with four girls. In the photo of his capture in Ica, looks lost, tired and confused. He had confessed his crime. It would save a life sentence but not prison, the evidence against him was inconclusive.

During the trial that followed his arrest denied everything. He tried to clarify that it was in a house where he was found, but was Achirada defecating in the river, away from Buendia hacienda, and when the brothers appeared with the girl began to run.

Also at times seemed not to remember anything, the press placed in their headlines that made ​​the fool. With quiet voice he said he was "assailant, offender, who acted in a band and had committed armed robbery." But it was not a violator of girls, to make sure he had a girlfriend named Veronica Salvatierra and it was a sexual satyr, but only for adult women.

"The defendant as it looks, dresses well, chew gum, and adopts believing poses a gringo (...)". This was described by Rodolfo Espinosa, prosecutor of the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Ica, the June 10, 1997. That day in the morning was made ​​the third hearing of the trial for the rape and murder of three girls under seven in Ica. That was the beginning of his second interpretation. In a sincere voice weak, talkative and intriguing attitude

For example, at the hearing on June 26 again try to surprise the room expressing militarily: "Negative. I have never committed crimes. It was not gang boss. Not true. Lies told. " Then he had to confess that he lived by money sent by his brother, a member of the security.

The 'Monster Parcona' developed at trial histrionic personality, which acts in assuming different roles when lying. The cynicism of his phrases made ​​him look impulsive, unstable. Could have been all fake?

He had tried to kill twice. The first inmates tried to poison him with food and the second with cyanide diluted with distilled water in a syringe. His life was at risk in Cachiche, Ica prison. The prison is dangerous for a rapist, he ran out outputs.

During the meeting of 11 June is revealed insecurity. He showed a 40 cm rope he carried in his pocket the judge and then said "I do not want to be here." For emotional instability at critical times, such people tend to exploit and take extreme measures such as suicide or homicide. It was a time bomb.

In the same view responded to a question from the prosecutor, who brought it home again, was running out of answers.

- "Was your brother who was told as sex with a child?
- Yes, I stuck my tongue out and trust me it was wonderful, it was cool. "

His trial had been marked by moments like the one above. His remarks were always something new, however the view was dilated with each new question from the prosecutor, was more cornered to admit the truth.

- Criminals like the 'monster of Parcona' never make rehabilitation the doctor finally says while accommodating.

For every criminal he has some traits in his personality. Actually, anyone can have these antisocial traits, but few cases have a combination of all features. To complete the varied clinical picture of 'Monster Parcona' the doctor proposes that it could be a schizoid disorder. Schizophrenia is a psychosis in which reality and fantasy are combined into one. The criminal lives in his own world. Although you never know, maybe he was just a pedophile.

The Monster And Other Murderers Peruvian Parcona


Recently in Peru we have witnessed the murder of a preschool teacher who worked at a nest in Monterrico in Lima.

The woman who was pregnant, was killed with three bullets. Her attacker took umbrage with it, shot him in the jaw, one in the chest and one in the belly to make sure that the child had died in along with it.

The woman named Alondra was shot dead and his body found in the corners of Avenida Alfonso Ugarte with Bolivia.

Days after the press dealt with his case and TV channels, placed their families and their partners to which all syndicated as "the murderer".

Orlando Lizano the couple, told a TV program. that he no longer had anything to her and that she was shocked by the news and even went to the police station in charge of the investigation and said he wanted to work with this.

The policemen at her tranquility and correction in conversation, he was asked to submit to a test atomic absorption, so be free from suspicion, to which he agreed Lizano. Upon completion of these tests are advising retreat back the next day with his lawyer.

Orlando Lizano never returned, disappeared as if by magic.

In this case we see no remorse, cold blood, normal seeming stupid behavior.

Stupid because the murderer Orlando Lizano, believed to approach the police voluntarily and declaring to the media would cure him of suspicion, but despite premeditated murder of his pregnant partner, take care not to use surgical gloves to make the shots, as do the gunmen, which left traces in his hands pólvora.Esto lets us see that there is serial murderer, not a professional murderer.

The police did nothing but ask you test atomic absorption since it said would help to clarify the crime and Lizano, could not refuse. If it did, it was established that wanted to hide something.

As delay testing few days for results, after undergoing the test take the opportunity to flee. The test result courage: positive.

Orlando Lizano made shots with a firearm, was the murderer of his pregnant partner.

The serial murderer is someone who kills and achieved repeatedly committing more than 3 deaths, usually operates independently, each time he does kills one person, is someone who does not usually have any link with the victim and that he does at various times , pauses or intervals through "cooling". They act as predators, prey, and kill approach.

20 years ago I met a young man who was called "Ninuska".

He was a boy of 19 years, provincial, thin, toward cleaning up an office in Santa Catalina. He was a guy who worked for a security company in cleaning and maintenance work, but also occasionally supported working as a watchman.

The company sent him to fill vacancies, nursing homes in "The Casuarinas, even Nicollini family.

I remember one night he stayed in local company with other guards who were in "the shack", and drank plenty of liquor, drunk being repeatedly raped by the guards.

Three years later I found him trying to work on Cosapi, was at the door wanting to present their papers.

Years later after numerous deaths of girls aged 6 to 12 years raped and strangled, found buried in abandoned lots, newspapers broke the news: "They capture the monster Parcona" in ICA.

The murderer had been captured when they violated the corpse of a dead girl in a field. Police began to search the site to find other evidence that would allow several missing girls, and was taken with the macabre surprise of finding several bodies of children buried in the area.

Ninuska, was Parcona Monster. I saw his picture in newspapers and magazines and I recognized him.

Always denied being the murderer, but the evidence so syndicated as the author of the serial murders of girls followed or preceded by rape. Finally confessed.

Ninuska after being violated on the third floor of the house which served as the security company and was the barracks of the guards, was annoyed by all the staff, he grabbed his face and it made him feel humiliated.

The worst was when another group of guards raped him again on the roof. Something Ninuska as he should have never complained at the time.

Ninuska waive only the company, never returned to collect the money owed to him, embarrassed fled and disappeared

In studying antisocial personalities such as the serial murderers, cognitions are constant among which is the main justification. They perceive themselves as victims and believe their condition warrants them to suffer another as furious victims say, "do so because they were also victims and suffered at the hands of others."

Ninuska also said he was raped, was also the victim and did not show the slightest remorse.

Everything in this murderer is consistent with what psychologists and scholars say:

"Justification borders avoidance strategy the responsibility of three main factors: the first is that individuals with antisocial personality disorder and feel justified victims, the second is to avoid the guilt and the third is their lack pronounced remorse "

One expert says: "When people decide to engage in activities that are harmful to others, either for reasons of personal gain or social mobile, avoid confronting or minimize the damage they cause. "I did not hurt, the pain relieved that involves living"

Ninuska said to get some sympathy departs from his captors and judges: "I choked the first, to not suffer unnatural being raped." "Shouted a lot, so the suffocating, so they do not".

There was a time in Lima followed news out "satanic cults" that allegedly murdered women in the high hills of Lima.

The TV news. spoke of a cult of satanic symbols and some more nonsense.

The journalists said that in their reports, based on alleged statements by the police, on these facts.

Everything always in the field of fancy, because nobody really explained why these assassinations of women at the top of hills of Lima.

The only certainty is that all had been stripped, brutally beaten and raped, tied with arms behind with wires, drenched with gasoline and burned alive.

The almost six women found dead, had all the same end.

Researching to know the truth a little on these facts, I lose myself to the most dangerous areas of Villa Maria del Triunfo, and try to interview different highly dangerous criminals, most murderers, rapists, people prontuariada.

Ask at a bar that is on top of a hill in New Hope and is limited to Tablada de Lurin, these criminals prontuariados about what they knew about these deaths.

They looked at each other and laughed. I just said, "Those bitches deserved it, for peperas".

The criminals confessed that they had been killed by pepear and steal some fichos (important people, wealthy, with the ticket, which was a victim of pepeo by prostitutes).

They said they were working on behalf of victims of peperas and therefore "the chastened and had taken out of circulation."

This is the terrible reality of the crime of murder in Peru, of sexual murderers, sadists and murderers of all psychopaths.

Smile and be happy.

After the shadow of a psychopath

July 17, 2007

Two kilometers from Ica is the town of Parcona, unpaved area, eternit small houses, with approximately 200 inhabitants. In this town was concentrated forgotten the wickedness of a wicked who raped and killed thirteen defenseless girls.

Thus was born the story of Nicolas Gutierrez Mendoza, better known as "The Monster Parcona". There were 13 confirmed victims, all met with a pattern to be girls under 9 years.

This case was one of the most notorious of Lima, police were mobilized and guardians of the city of Ica. The humiliation of Mendoza Gutierrez had not only as a place to Parcona village, but also the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo in Lima.

In the month of November 1995 and by that time the town had already suffered the loss of three girls, the police in the area ignored the allegations that mothers were performing. After the second body found the situation change. It had become a fear effect overcrowded.

Mothers do not let their little girls go to school, no one was safe from the minors later return home. "Teresa was accompanied to the school gate and just rang the bell, all mothers were waiting for their children," said Fabiola still nervous Quispe, a resident of the settlement José Gálvez, Villa Maria del Triunfo.


It had been four months and still did not give the alleged violator. Jenny, one of the victims of Nicholas, was only 9 years. Every evening I used to play in the clothes I had put her mother in the market of Villa Maria del Triunfo. "I kept only my daughter, feared that the same thing happens to the other girls in the neighborhood," he says between sobs Elizabeth, mother of Jenny.

"One evening before going to my place in the market, let Jenny charge to my mother. It was not enough in a careless Jenny out into the street to play, to catch her ​​misfortune. "

Despite pleas from the mother to the police to inform them that their daughter had disappeared, they ignored him. They assumed that the little girl was playing with some of her friends. Adding that lacked mobility available to search.

Local residents saw the girl walking towards the market of the hand of a stranger. It took six days for the body will find it on a farm very near the settlement.


The victims continued to rise, the outlook was increasingly daunting. No one knew for sure if he was a psychopath, a serial murderer or the product of a psychosocial phenomenon. The threat was latent.

But hope is never lost and why, despite the disappointments and searches to find the monster Parcona, his capture had to be. Four September 1996, at dusk in Fundo Morning, located between Parcona and Tinguiña, (Ica). The brothers John (28) and Carlos (25) Castle Espino, were finishing their task as farmers.

Suddenly observed a man of thin, lanky approach the Fundo, was carrying a girl. The strongly held and headed toward a pile of bricks near the hacienda.

The Espino brothers did not think twice, the wave of disappearances and deaths of children, made ​​them raise suspicions and decided to approach the place. Without making much noise as they approached what would be the front door, surrounded by clearing and landfill.

Great was his surprise to see the petite girl lying on the floor, half-naked and crying. The rapist was standing, ready to unleash their basest passions, yet to be discovered opted to run, carrying a knife in his right hand.


A Nicolás Gutiérrez capture various speculations arose about the case, often citing Gutierrez changed version: "I will be a sexual satyr but I'm rapist girls". Gutierrez and instability Desvariaciones, incited various media headlines such as hanging, "It is the fool for not paying sentence."

Reasons why you could not even imprison the dreaded "monster Parcona", there was insufficient evidence to substantiate that he was the murderer. The population was outraged Ica, the police did nothing to find the bodies of the victims. So Parcona community had to organize and start searching. It was near the Fundo Good Day, where were the first victims. The case was already esclareciéndose.


Tired and confused, judgment day wore Nicolas Gutierrez. Had confessed, was aware of his guilt, but that did not imputable to the murder and rape. Modified version many times wanted. In each statement Gutierrez brought something new "was my brother, who told me that sex with a child was formidable," said confidently.

The rapist's histrionic performance, made ​​himself look cornered, lied easily, but the suddenness of its changes, were the telltale factor.

Attitudes, lack of remorse and selfless behavior of Nicholas, demonstrating the prototype of person with mental dissociation, in other words: psychopath.

Met all psychopathological canons, was one of those crazy full shot. No similar case compared Parcona Monster, defined as a lunatic for hire, for self-determination. Perhaps confused with schizoid disorder picture, but if anything is certain is that had all the characteristics of a psychopath in power.

Nicolás Gutiérrez, primera foto del fichaje.

Nicolás Gutiérrez

Nicolás Gutiérrez Mendoza, con el cabello cortado, en su celda aislada en el penal de Cachiche.
Se muestra inmutable ante presencia del fotógrafo.

Terrenos del fundo Buendía, donde hallaron los primeros cadáveres.

Consternación y pesar en el distrito de Parcona, Ica, durante el sepelio de la niña Karen Flores.

"La familia", dibujo de la niña Jenny Champa. (Der.) Jenny disfrazada de enfermera.
Desapareció el 3 de enero de 1996. Su cadáver fue hallado nueve días después
cerca a las pozas de oxidación en San Juan de Miraflores. Tenía sólo 9 años.

La menor Palmira Arroyo Quispe en foto que sostiene su señora madre, en Villa María.

Una de las pequeñas víctimas iqueñas.

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