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THat is disgusting!!! Surely he moved out for the day and they sprayed for a month!!! Would not want to be his neighbor!


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I have seen this IRL before. I use to rehab apartments for a living. We had one WORSE than this. We had pro's come in and bomb the fuck out of the place. We tried to go in two weeks later, opened the door and it was raining roaches trying to get out of the apartment. I'm talking 1,000's of bugs trying to escape!


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I am SUCH a neat freak and this kinda shit just blows my fucking mind!! I cannot believe he sleeps where he sleeps and makes food in that place!! I couldn't set foot near that place EVER!!!:ultraserious:


My bad. Didn't notice what started the thread. I was reacting to something someone had as part of their userid which I don't see now about less women crying and more women dying. I usually don't rag on people like that here (as in, never, before this) or even really notice content like that. I guess that's why my corn flakes tasted funny that morning.

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