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No seat belt no life....

Discussion in 'Train, Truck, Car or Motorcycle' started by Mental Puppy, May 24, 2017.

  1. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    This 38 yr old woman lost control of her car on a rural road in Parana, Brazil...She landed in a corn field but the lack of wearing a safety belt caused her death... Happened on the 30th of April.
    38-yo-woman-accident-01. 38-yo-woman-accident-02. 38-yo-woman-accident-03. 38-yo-woman-accident-04. 38-yo-woman-accident-05. 38-yo-woman-accident-07.
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  2. gman

    gman Free Shrugs© Administrator

    On the plus side, no more visits to the orthodontist.
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  3. + she lost her second chin, win ~ win ...
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  4. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    Her career as a rag doll is over.
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  5. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    She's almost her own pointer.
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  6. cracker hater

    cracker hater Lurker

    Nice tight ass in those leggings I'd do her :asskisser:
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  7. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Yeah she's fuckin BOOTYLICIOUS in pic three.:booty:
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  8. Moshie

    Moshie Meh

    I don't understand this issue with seat belts. Like. Just wear it, it's not hard to do.... just click... like click it.... click it or get a ticket, that's what they say.
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  9. Silo

    Silo " CHUTZ-PAH "

    Did she roll all the way to Nebraska? ffs look at the size of that vegetation.
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  10. KingHippo

    KingHippo Fresh Meat

    The fun stops when you drag that legging off her cellulite ass bro. Should be one hole in that legging around the crotch to do your thing. It's like banging an ugly chick with the lights off.
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  11. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    At least the roof isn't damaged. Wonder how that happened.
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  12. Silo

    Silo " CHUTZ-PAH "

    a couple of stiff shots wouldn't hurt either. :tu:

    *btw, just in case of any future replies, rottenfresh is female.
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  13. bogies

    bogies Forum Veteran

    I kinda feel more sorry for the poor sweetcorn. Nom nom :Cheesypuffs:
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  14. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock


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  15. reigndelacore

    reigndelacore MsBrightside

    Yoga pants are not PANTS people! Wear some damn underwear at least. Yes some people look fabulous in them but they are called YOGA pants, for YOGA, not everyday errands. It's a pet peeve of mine. Most people wearing them do not look as good as a dead chick in them, which might I say nice ass, this trend needs to die!
  16. Lostserenity

    Lostserenity Rookie

    Yoga pants are comfy. I'm sure if you're fat w/cellulite and shave once a month it could get ugly. Otherwise be comfortable. Now if guys wore them yeah I would have to agree
  17. gandog56

    gandog56 Well Known Member

    Well, if she was still warm I would have ass fucked her.
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  18. diesel

    diesel WTF

    Those are some flattering pants alright.