Noise music

jesus these guys managed to get a video seemingly, never saw that coming great noise band not just screams either. .
brilliant project here could belong to many genres though.
more goodness.
and well i love khanate but im not entirely sure on there 'noise' credentials i'll post a track anyway though.
and finally one of the original greats.
enjoy it noise freaks lol
more along the lines of ambient drone if your a little fussy, but this is a really great band too there an offshoot of the Kilimanjaro darkjazz association, though the two styles vary massively. anyway some really great stuff here however this album is probably going to be more to you guys liking
and here's a good vid from them though it's nowhere near as gratuitously noise based as the last one, i have however tripped some major balls watching this before lol just don't expect such obvious nihilistic tendencies as it is this wouldn't really fit in any other thread