now this is a fight !


I bet that dude behind the camera yellins a straight up bitch lol I wont call him on it but just sayin!!!!!


That's the way U do it Guy's.. Got a Beef with Someone,If U can't Talk it Out,U Battle it Out...People around to Negate any Outside Interference, And When it's Done,It's Done!!! ADMIRABLE...SP


I'm sorry if I have offended you
No biting, no gouging, no reverse teste grabs and baldy didn't tap out when he was receiving the Hammerfist...


Utter bastard
I'm a nonce, apparently..
This is one of mine..
Have you seen the video?
Seen what? seen me rape a kid!

All that shouting and he has to get someone else to do his dirty work.. then requests a chance to give him a dig when he has no chance of fighting back or protecting himself... But if the dude had put it around the shouty bloke was a child rapist that deserves a beating, I saw an episode ok UK Cops Bodycam Squad the other week, some locals trapped a 'paedophile' in a phone box and were livestreaming it on facebook, they said he was spying on kids in the park through holes drilled in his back fence and taking photos of them, he was getting called named and being threatened by an Asian man and a mouthy bitch mother, the police took him away for his own safety.. later we were updated that his house and garden were searched, he didn't own a computer of have any internet, he didn't own any kind of mobile phone or camera, and there were no holes in his garden fence. The police and council had to move him to another house as he wouldn't be safe in his old home.. one misused word can do a lot of damage