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NSM to rally in Arizona: Nov. 13th: Be there!

November - One voice, America`s voice, in Phoenix!
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As the National Socialist Movement continues our campaign to reclaim the Southwest we are pleased to announce our return to Phoenix Arizona, November 13th, 2010. The NSM will March to the Sandra Day O`Connor U.S. District Court of Arizona at 401 W. Washington St. Phoenix Arizona, 85003. The march will begin just after 1pm and we will arrive at the Federal Court Building at 2pm. Speeches by our national and regional leadership, including Commander Schoep, are scheduled to last one hour. Following the rally, we will enjoy ceremonies, festivities, and a dinner at a private location.
This rally is in support of American citizens who desire the harmony, tranquility, orderliness, and the economic stability that arises from secure borders and enforcement of immigration laws. This rally will be a protest against the butchering of Arizona`s SB 1070 and the lawlessness produced by politicians and activist judges that refuse to safeguard our nation and secure our borders. The blood of innocent Americans stains the hands of these Judges and politicians. Illegal aliens not only create unfair competition for unemployed Americans seeking work, but also create a far more devastating impact on our culture and society. Reports have shown that illegal immigration costs tax payers approximately 20 billion a year, 13 Americans are killed daily by illegal alien drunk drivers, 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, and 8 American children become victims of sex crimes at the hands of illegal aliens daily!
The National Socialist Movement has a long history of hosting rallies that demand strong enforcement of existing immigration laws and that promote nationalism. Our commitment to a safe and secure nation is also found in our actions at the Southern border where we lead patrols through the deserts.
We invite our allies and supporters to attend this rally at the Sandra Day O`Connor Courthouse in Phoenix to join the collective voice of Americans who desire a secure nation.
For more information contact
Jeff Hall at 619-300-8743
Email [email protected]

SS MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director



The NSM I really can't believe are run by anyone other than the enemy with how they dress and act.

They hurt the cause instead of help it.

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